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Spring And Summer Home Textile Color Trend Forecast 2022

Spring And Summer Home Textile Color Trend Forecast 2022


Do you know what are the new colors for home decor in 2022? Here is the spring and summer home textile color trends 2022. Tonda is the high quality home textiles manufacturers and suppliers, keeping up with the trend of the times.

In the future, people will not worry about whether the dilemma is past or not, and accept the reality of life and environment. Breaking boundaries in the ecological and social system where the old and the new converge, building a new vision and value system, and accepting the present as the new normal. A sense of freedom and optimism, like sunlight, heals the body and mind. Aboriginal people, who also have an optimistic spirit, have always maintained their reverence for and sustainable use of local resources. On the one hand, the world is actively looking for a clean ecology, on the other hand, accelerating the breakthrough in science and technology. After 5G, 6G will completely break the boundary between virtual and real. Immersive XR technology can superimpose virtual objects on the real world and even filter reality. Digital technology, too, is pushing physiological boundaries, allowing real-life consumers to create twins in unfamiliar virtual worlds. This time, 2022 spring and summer home textile color trends, launched a series of theme colors, including five key colors, 2022 spring and summer we need to break through the rules and self - boundless.

The apricot ice cream color gives people a warm and soft feeling in summer. The light and shadow interludes the city sunlight, which soothes the inner complex. The life and spiritual space that urbanite yearns for are released and constructed in the soft and clear color. The reasonable application of apricot ice cream color warms the tone of the city and makes it full of positive and optimistic attitude.

Blue light color, one of the home textile color trends 2021, the original filter of independent island and boundless coastline, the clear and healing blue light color sense stands strong in the mind, presenting infinite reveries. The clear water wave pattern shows the natural tonality of blue light, and the pure artistic conception of connecting the sky and the sea is blowing on our face.

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Peach pink color, elegant and soft, showing the lightness of a hazy dream. Pure and transparent pink like spring peach blossom fragrance, melodious floating in the air, such as sugar ignorant worry, strange imagination, reveals if there is no lovely sexy, the way to do all the good in the world. Is the spring and summer home textile color trend forecast in 2022.

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Fusion gold color, a new generation of noise-making youth, grew up in a global environment of diversified information. The cultural differences between the East and the West promote the flourishing of community culture with different styles. Fusion gold color conveys the boundless street vitality of Chuangnoo youth with its bright vitality of hope!

  recent trends in home textiles color pdf

Imperial blue color, today's younger generation is increasingly dependent on the digital world. The arresting imperial blue color highlights visual tension and excitement, filtering out the anxiety of everyday life. According to the spring and summer home textile color trend forecast in 2022. As one of the most popular colors of this season, imperial blue color has a more visual impact and futuristic feel. The science-fiction Imperial Blue will play a key role in the 2022 spring/summer young street trend.

home textile color trend 2022

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