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A soft mattress quality is bad - children Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Beijing Olympic football physical therapist shen Chou, points out that children comfortable mattress follow, retainer, laminating, correct the four principles. Choose hard bed will cause the lumbosacral radian, hard pillow will make the degree of cervical flexion straight; Choice is soft with no good quality mattress spring system can lead to children's centrality obesity or thoracic kyphosis. Children mattress for spinal foil more demanding, need more powerful support to users, many parents for children mattress to the choice of materials first, actually the most key option is the quality of the spring. Choosing children's mattresses, generally choose comfortable comfortable layer of non-toxic, with good quality spring and stability strong bedstead, unity is a good mattress. Comfortable layer can choose according to their own body feeling, comfort of people; Spring core technology is patent technology, it is best to foreign patent, because spring technology from abroad. Children spinal development from infancy up began, sustained development to 18 years old or so, four physiological curvature stable formation, joint and maintain normal spinal physiological radian is healthy choice. Biggest difference compared with adult children mattress mattress is replacement cycle, children mattress 3 - as far as possible A change for five years.
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