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by:TONDA     2020-04-18
When the choose and buy home textiles products, the products of printing and dyeing, is an important indicator of the choose and buy. Reactive dyeing and printing, digital printing and dyeing, coating, the printing way we need to do a simple understanding, because the bed is tasted way of printing and dyeing, will directly affect the use of security in the future. In printing and dyeing and dye cost way, consumers are as clouds drift across directly. In fact, printing and dyeing way in addition to the influence of design and color effect, but also directly touches the use of safe. Improper selection if in the printing and dyeing, dye as inferior wood, paint, most likely flashpoint for formaldehyde. Reactive dyeing fabric color is good, soft reactive dyeing, reactive dyeing is unity, reactive dyeing in dyeing and printing process, the activity of dye gene combined with fiber molecular form, makes the dye and fiber to form a whole. Relatively, reactive dyeing process, the difficulty is high also, reactive dyeing fabric color good, feel is soft, is a high-end way of printing and dyeing, 20% higher than coating dyeing and printing costs 30%, the product price is more expensive. Coatings printing and dyeing, bed is tasted, dressed in a 'flower jacket' want to rely on coating printing backing, coating printing is to use does not dissolve in water coloured substances ( Paint) And polymer ( Adhesive) Hybrid printing on textiles, after a certain processing, in a transparent color film is formed on the textiles, which will paint mechanically fixation on textiles printing and dyeing method. Compared with the activity of printing and dyeing, coating printing 'security'. Coating price sometimes vary widely used in printing and dyeing, paint a dozen blocks can buy cheaper one kilogram, some good quality of the coating, to spend hundreds of yuan per kilogram, and the coating quality, directly determines the quality of printing and dyeing and use safety. Rotary screen printing: for example, if there is repeated on the bed is tasted a little apple, is through the realization of rotary screen printing. This way of printing, the net is round, therefore express little material is more vivid. Flat screen printing: if you need a big apple in the middle of the bed is tasted, beautiful, is about to come on flat screen printing. Printing way, therefore, be clear at a glance, the most, especially in the expression a large area of the overall design, the most useful. Digital printing, digital printing sample is convenient, without the restrictions of quantity, so can realize personalized custom, making some unique small amount of product, and if it is the design of the mass into the market, is not appropriate. Color the more shallow security atmosphere, the higher the dark bed is tasted, indeed, to create more unique, but one thing need to remind, due to some small brands choose cheap dyes, may contain azo, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, so the suite color too deep, there may be a hidden danger. As a result, bed is tasted more shallow light more simple but elegant, the higher the security. Usually also suggests bed is tasted before use, best first washed once, formaldehyde, azo, such as volatile, and harmful substances into water, can effectively alleviate after cleaning. Careful with bright coatings printing and dyeing of bed is tasted some bright bed is tasted suite can choose coating printing and dyeing, so the coating quality problems. If some dishonest choose inferior paint brand, not only easy to fade when washing, affect beautiful, may also contain harmful substances, with endanger safety. Fastness of reactive dyeing for environmental health and shrink and dyeing way is to choose the bed is tasted one of the important indexes of reactive dyeing in dyeing and printing process does not add azo ( Carcinogens) And formaldehyde, do not contain harmful substances, and do not fade not shrink when washing fastness good, feel soft, and environmental protection; Bright pigment dyeing and printing, but coating dyeing feel hard, some of the formaldehyde content is higher, use for a long time have an impact on health, dyeing and printing and coating is not washable, easy to fade.
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