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About silk by appraisal method - the quilt plant Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-15
Silk by through long-term studies confirm that the characteristics of a natural silk contains special 'sericin' SERJCIN ingredients, allergy, close skin protection, long-term use of silk by, it can cause human body health mainly include five aspects: one is to promote sleep. Silk sericin composition contains 18 kinds of amino acids, these amino acids sends out a tiny molecules called 'sleep factor', it can make the person's nerve in the relatively stable state. Cover silk by can improve sleep, enhance the vitality of the human body, slow down aging. The second is good cold force and constant temperature. Silk by 'fiber queen' of reputation, containing fiber among the highest in the 'gap' silk volume can reduce thermal conductivity when the day is cold, warmth retention property is better than leather, cotton, on hot days and can get rid of excess heat, cause the temperature to keep comfortable, and can reduce the heart and blood vessels during sleep under load and the pressure, make your sleep more comfortable, healthy, sweet. Three is to have prevent mites, antibacterial, anti allergy and close skin nature. Silk sericin ingredients not only can make the person's skin exquisite gloss, and has the ability to prevent mites and mold breed is more conducive to allergic constitution. Four is to prevent rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases. Natural silk, contains a substance called 'hydrophilic amino acid' side, can absorb the moisture in the air, and try to rule out, maintain was dry, and is especially useful for rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases. Five is silk by itself has a strong force and strong tensility, and for the fabric mesh structure, cleared by tire tire body shift or holes phenomenon in the use, can use for a long time, maintain a comfortable and fluffy. Shijiazhuang home home textiles manufacturer said, choose the actor bad of character of silk, is fundamental to decide silk by quality. Consumers in the choose and buy when the silk by different silk from four aspects for quality rating: - appearance - - - - - - High quality silk appearance with a pearly colour and lustre, the performance of the light with a diffuse reflection. Clean little impurity, the silk road in order and neat; Silk is often poor quality due to add the chemicals such as bleach, and make the appearance of a pale colour, not glossy and moist feeling, impurity is more, the silk road. Touch - - - - - - - High quality silk feels soft creamy rich elasticity, no rigid mass; While the inferior silk feels rough no flexible, no moist sense, cocoon, cocoon, cocoon piece stem, pupa exuviate more. With oily or mildew smell of silk for inferiority of quality. Burn - - - - - - - Silk without delay when the flame combustion, and stop the burning flame separation. After burning SongSanZhuang gray, with a smell of burning hair. Fiber strength - - - - - - - Silk, the better strong stretching force, the quality is better. The same long silkworm line, after stretching, the longer the better quality. Care is simple silk, silk is not born by the daily in mold cavity, often just beating the quilt, increase the fluffy quilt, if need can be two, three years to turn cotton spreading time, there are like new.
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