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by:TONDA     2020-04-11
Cloth art sofa is the people prefer home supplies, is also the big furniture, so how to choose and buy? The following several methods are introduced, and for your reference. 1. Pay attention to the living room sofa fabric and color, fabric with a thick velvet or a fabric sofa is preferred, should pay attention to on colour coordinated with indoor decorate a style. The sofa of inside the bedroom, in addition to outside the overall coordinated with interior decoration style, should choose the color of the sweet, romantic, quiet; The selection of fabrics with comfortable knitted nylon, hairy fabric is better, to appear warm, elegant, give a person with comfortable feeling. 2. To examine the structure of sofa before choose sofa, consumers can use hand to push around the sofa, the sofa whether overall architecture firm. If feel is a shaking or a sound, explain structure is firm. Slide push sofa, whether freely, screw is full. If sofa is composed of thin veneer or plywood, will scrutinize whether cement between these two kinds of material, with or without damage phenomenon. Especially the sofa of steel structure, welding is a key to open to open the part as far as possible, more to see clearly, in order to avoid loose sedentary after the collapse. If it is wooden cloth art sofa, the main body frame part of the general structure of mortise, if found all nail assemble into internal framework, can never buy. 3. Pay attention to the secrets of the sofa parts shijiazhuang spinning home textiles small make up remind consumers should pay attention to, general furniture manufacturer in introducing their products introduce your strengths. For those who avoided content, such as sofa sponge, if feel is uneven, or sit down without flexibility, careful buy this sofa. Second, pay attention to some details, such as exposed metal accessories for metal burr, acute; Whether the armrest of sofa, the phenomenon of the high and low not neat, etc.
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