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Attention to detail - buy silk quilt Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-08
With the improvement of living standards, silk by love and become more citizen to buy bedding. Silk by numerous brands, price difference is too big, some hundreds of yuan, to thousands of even tens of thousands of yuan. In the face of the 369 on the market, such as silk by, how to identify true and false? How to choose? Let's listen to some industry insiders said. Silk is favored by young people, as a wedding goods indispensable one. At present, our city more is given priority to with mulberry silk, tussah silk silk, mulberry silk about one times more expensive than tussah silk. Silk quilt is commonly 4 jins, price fluctuates in one thousand yuan. Has finished the quilt can be customized, custom silk from zhejiang. The reporter sees a query on a shopping website, different or the same brand of different products, prices vary considerably, has more than 1000 yuan, has more than 3000 yuan. Used for the main silk quilts are mulberry silk and tussah silk, tussah silk is wild silk, silk usually thick, short, color also didn't mulberry silk so white; Mulberry silk is longer, the color is white, luster and feel is also better than the tussah silk. From the cost, about twice as expensive than mulberry silk tussah silk. However, even if the are made of mulberry silk quilt is multiple level, such as the same mulberry silk, doupion silk will be much more expensive. Consumers and how to choose and buy silk by then? High quality silk white, yellowish, downy burnish, at the surface of the silk fiber is very long, each layer SiDou like a net. When consumer is bought to take a closer look at the product name, name, address, product standards and codes, specifications, use material composition level, such as net weight label content. If not marked the above content, or with the content of the incomplete, and even exaggerated, consumers will be cautious. In addition to the relevant identification, real silk by should have the sample, generally between 20 cm to 30 cm, if there is no 20 cm incision, silk by may have a problem. In addition, she also warned that some businesses will be combined with artificial silk or silk cotton quilt to pretend to be 100% silk by, this kind of quilt just bought well, with a period of time, 'silk' will be the cluster.
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