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Baby quilts processing factory tell you how should you go to sleep at night to keep warm? - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-18
Some people say that wu too real baby prone to 'muggy syndrome', but disappear again afraid feminine enough baby will catch a cold. Baby bed cover what just to keep warm in winter? In the winter, the baby to sleep the heat preservation measures according to children months of age to choose well. Newborns, infants and young children to sleep in the winter to keep warm method there is a difference between oh, and see it together. Baby how should go to bed to keep warm at night? Baby: thin thin pajamas + package is + / blankets. Pajamas of newborn with close protection plus package is wrapped already feel safe and warm, at this point, the mother to my baby in the chest with a layer of the quilt, the baby must be very warm. According to the weather, the mother can adjust the thickness of the quilt to ensure baby comfortable sleep. Baby: thin cotton pajamas, vest bag and thin. Babies grow up after some arm was unwilling to be bound, in order to ensure that the baby body warmth, mother can shop for baby sleeveless sleeping bag, at the same time warm pajamas doesn't make the baby's arm feels cold. Also, on the basis of the specific temperature, mother to my baby in the sleeping bag outside the quilt. Children: thin pajamas + long-sleeved big sleeping bags or thin cotton + big quilt. Put the baby into the big, big warm sleeping bag, the mother can sleep, if is a honest boy, also can cover a large quilt directly. However, some babies sleeping of time don't want to cover with quilt son, why is this? Quilt is thick or not soft, covered in the body uncomfortable, but the day is cold, wake up at night by urinating, all of a sudden cold stimulation, the skin is a little shrinkage, adult covered him with quilts & comforters uncomfortable, he will be 'off', in order to comfortable behavior; The room temperature is higher, and cover thickness is, uncomfortable, and so on.
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