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by:TONDA     2020-04-11
It is said that red, orange and yellow can enhance people's appetite. These three basic colors has a strong effect on our appetite. Some dessert color also is good for people's appetite, such as caramel, cinnamon, honey, milk, butter, coffee, or chocolate color. The color of the bed is tasted is suitable for low appetite baby. Colors affect appetite is common, not only for people, any organism to respond to the color in the world. Color is in imperceptible in, through the biological nervous system directly affect appetite. Blue can reduce stress every day. If children's rest time is not enough, it needs to have a relaxed space. Moreover, blue also is helpful to develop children's creativity. However, children room is decorated with a small amount of home textiles is enough. Don't have to whole to decorate, because with more blue is frustrated for the visual system. Children of poor eyesight, it is recommended to use white, milk or light green, no stain of bedding some parents spend a lot of effort to help their children improve creativity, yellow bed is tasted can actually help us to solve this problem. Because yellow can stimulate the natural curiosity of children even learning interest, will also bring a good mood for your baby, especially in the morning. The feeling of oppression purple it will bring the nervous system. So don't buy this color for children's bed is tasted, also do not recommend to buy bedding with black and grey color. Baby space, should be able to make a baby produce the feeling of happiness! Choose children's bedding, suggested that choose natural fiber products. Because only the natural fiber bed is tasted, the most beneficial to the health of the baby. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe German poet and statesman and thinker, said: 'color to influence our soul, can arouse our emotions and ideas, these thoughts and emotions can comfort us or make us excited, sad or joy.
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