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by:TONDA     2020-04-12
Shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers said bedding is an essential part of our life, as now, and the improvement of life quality of people's living standard, people more and more is also high to the requirement of bed is tasted, to keep warm, from the initial to the current fashion, nice is the inevitable developing trend of bedding. Clean and comfortable bedding sleep health has brought many benefits to us. Brand, spinning, warm reminder, bedding often wash often change, more conducive to sleep. Bedding often wash often in healthy sleep first, physical health and sanitation needs. Both the pillow and quilt, after a long time easy to mildew, mite, also can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Do not pay attention to these problems will cause a big hidden danger to human body health. Especially the pillow with a long time, has inspired millions of fungal spores will hide. If it is chemical fiber pillow, bacterial growth faster. Bacteria into the lungs can have holes, easy to make the person physical deterioration, trigger asthma, and that patients with asthma, more attention should be paid. Especially after a hot summer, the bacteria multiply, it was the time when the replacement bedding. Second, using the time function degradation. Quilt commonly use in the long run, padding will lose elasticity, hair scleroma, warm enough. After a season more become more thin, uneven distribution, thermal absorb sweat, such as the original effect will be discounted. Like popular duvets, such as silk, use after a long time, its soft, comfort and so on also will decline. Third, with the overall household environment coordination. Local adornment household environment with the integral style of harmony has significant influence on the human body physiology, reasonable allocation can make people happy. But if just casually take function without considering the beauty and harmony, the time is long may bring negative, depressing, irritable, anxiety, tension, nervousness, etc. Therefore, if the bed is tasted and household overall style is not harmonious, can consider to change and household environment coordination, ornamental strong bed is tasted. Address of home textiles spinning has the need to welcome to shijiazhuang le home textile to discuss cooperation!
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