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by:TONDA     2020-04-02
The sunlight is very good at the weekend, the most suitable packing aika, everybody. Bedding, cleaning is a must, especially sheet quilt cover, pillowcases and so on. However, bed is tasted different material cleaning and maintenance method is different also. Shijiazhuang bedding factory address said the fabrics of bedding for pure cotton or other natural fibers, such as linen, silk, etc. , have different washing method and the matters needing attention. 【 Pure cotton. Natural cotton bedding materials, use comfortable, moisture absorption is strong, no static, but easy to wrinkle, is the most commonly used type of bedding fabrics. Depth color sheet should be separated from washing. Especially brunet sheet head a few times to clean, easy to take off the floating color. Appropriate use soap or neutral soap powder ( Should be dissolved in water) And reverse in 40 ℃ warm water washing, hand washing machine wash. Pull out flat to dry clean, but not for a long time exposure, lest decoloring. Pure cotton bedding alkaline not acid, so should not be in contact with the acid, avoid sharp objects in the process of washing fabrics, embroidered bed is tasted to be especially careful. When ironing temperature under 110 ℃, the collection stack together, in ventilated place. 【 Flax 】 Linen bedding strong hygroscopicity, permeability is good, durable and washable, even more wash cloth more light, defect is difficult to dye, so tonal single. Bed linen to use neutral gentle washing, washing supplies warm not scrub, not dry, not exposure, bed is tasted easy deformation, discoloration, shrink otherwise. Ironing temperature under 110 ℃, the ventilation and avoid light place to store. 【 Silk 】 Elegant silk bedding, quality of a material is frivolous, permeability is strong, soft and comfortable, but to keep their beautiful, prolong service life, use the correct maintenance method is very important. Silk bedding suggest dry cleaning. Such as hand washing can be neutral detergents or silk wool detergent soluble in cold water, put bed is tasted, soft hand. Shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers call said after towels absorb moisture, in a cool, ventilated place out flat to dry, avoid insolation. Works at eighty percent, low temperature ironing mat white cloth, the temperature between 110 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, water of avoid by all means, otherwise will form water damage. Place to stay dry clean, otherwise easy to eat by moth, can add put hygroscopic agent ( Recommendation: fiber towels, bamboo fiber towels, bamboo fiber towel price) 。 White silk bedding with camphor ball not to put, otherwise will be yellow.
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