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by:TONDA     2020-04-15
Today, our shijiazhuang spinning textile co. , LTD. How to choose and buy bedding will be introduced to the friends, let you from many aspects, such as variety, style, detail understand better how to choose these products, hope that you can either buy when buy the most suitable for their own high quality products. In bedding, pillow, the importance of self-evident, especially for modern pays attention to the quality of sleep. The pillow is comfortable, in relation to health problems, such as cervical spine. So what is the appropriate pillow? Appropriate pillow when use should let you in a relaxed state of cervical vertebra, conforms to the physiological bending form. Human body sleeping pillow support correctly, should be a pillow is higher than the brain, so to keep sleeping person spine natural physiological bending or keep side sleepers spine straight, loading to loose, so as to adjust the pillow sleep. Position, make pillow after occipital lower neck is high, the contact area with enlarged neck pillow, and keep the cervical vertebra physiological bending natural. Side, the adjustment should be set in the cervical spine is a pillow to keep the shoulder parallel degree. To match the cervical sleep in normal physiological conditions. It is important to note that the neck pain should be given priority to with supine, ban on their sleep, easy oppressive cervical vertebra bone, ligament, joint degeneration, nerve damage. And suited to the right side of the heart function degradation of crowd sleep, suitable for side sleep snoring breathing disorders. Different materials have different functions, we can prevent cervical spondylosis familiar with buckwheat pillow, but more hard, bacteria, often drying; The feather pillow is permeability is very good, and soft, but very difficult to wash; Latex pillows made of rubber tree SAP has all the advantages of the above two kinds of pillow, good air permeability, comfortable, not easy to breed bacteria, but life is short; And now a very popular memory pillow is relatively expensive. When buy should according to the specific circumstances of the individual to choose corresponding species. Bed sheet, quilt cover, pillowcases we usually will become a bed sheet, quilt cover and pillowcase three-piece, our new poly product will this three items together to introduce. Bed three-piece can direct contact with the skin, often as a result, it is important to note that when buy the materials. Usually, the material with pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure hemp products, But with respiratory disease not recommend pure wool products) 。 We know of pure linen and bamboo fiber fabric is suitable for the summer, they permeability good abrasion resistance, which can also be antibacterial, antibacterial, odor-proof, anti-ultraviolet radiation, but some hard surface. Many people also like to choose pure cotton, especially Egyptian cotton, sea island cotton and pima cotton, permeability and softness are good, but easy to wrinkle. Now a lot of high quality people prefer to choose silk fabrics or natural silk fabrics. Both fabric price is more expensive, but completely content value, thin, soft, comfortable and not easy to fold and fade. When the choose and buy, deciding what to buy material items, will consider the textile processing. Common household textile fabric fabric are: plain weave, twill weave, satin, jacquard tissue. Satin is generally used for high-end products, more for silk cotton and silk, to use the environment to have certain requirements. The high grade product is easy to scratch, difficult to care. Cheap home textiles on the market basically is given priority to with plain weave, high-end home textiles is given priority to with twill weave, satin and jacquard organizations, high-end home textiles basically is given priority to with satin weave and jacquard organization. In addition to the material, the design and color of bedding is very important also. Design and color is printed on the fabric also is to have cultured. Often said to be printed, embroidered and jacquard. As the name implies, is refers to the cloth embroidered embroidered, by hand or machine will logo embroidered. Refers to the cloth printing, design and print. Compared with printing, embroidery is not easy to fade when washing, has good air permeability, hygroscopicity. And jacquard is when ZhiZhi fabric with different colors of yarn weave design and color weaves and into, compared with the embroidered fabrics, capital cost is higher, the quality is good. Bedding design and color is the color also should pay attention to when buy, the overall color matching and room color would like, such as room cool colors such as white, light blue on the whole, when choosing color also should choose cool color. If the design of the whole room sex is very strong, color is consistent with the mass-tone attune, the mass-tone attune is the largest area of the color in the room. Color collocation is proper, can make whole room looks very harmonious. Will be decided materials, design and color is ok, just the size problem. The first consideration when buying the size of the bed and mattress, the height of the bed and mattress to width are taken into account. Through the above content, home textiles for you introduced our spinning bedding ( Pillow, three-piece suit) Knowledge and purchase items. Shijiazhuang spinning le textile co. , LTD is a professional to do bedding manufacturers, set production, processing, marketing as one of the manufacturers, dealers. Welcome every friend to shop field trips!
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