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by:TONDA     2020-04-01
Abstract: sleeping is a happy thing, the high quality of sleep is to ensure that the basis of good health. Direct contact with the body of all kinds of bedding for the influence of the significant effect of sleep, want to enjoy your comfortable bed, a set of 'health' is necessary bedding, home textiles manufacturer says, not only to buy bed is tasted, more to be in bed is tasted! Talk1。 Quilt don't sun quilts in the warmth of sunshine for a long time to let people fall in love, then, bask in the quilt to become the habit of many people from morning till night, home textile manufacturer experts pointed out: here. Don't long time exposure quilt! Bask in the quilt also learned, ultraviolet ray can antivirus, in the sunlight and wind, under the joint action of the quilt in the adsorption of harmful bacteria and microbes can be rapidly removed. Talk2。 Pillow height has exquisite wake up will feel headache, neck pain, may also be associated with the symptoms of asthma, nasal congestion or runny nose. If so, then you should change your pillow. The choice of the pillow will be subject to the spine straight when lie on your side, too high too low will cause the discomfort of sleep. Talk3。 Store the quilts and pillows method is the best way to store the quilts and pillows in a permeability good cotton cloth bag. Vacuum plastic bags to save, more save a space, suitable for synthetic fiber filler. In home textiles factory outlets, general guide will help customers warmly split you want bed is tasted, let the customer to bedding pattern take in everything in a glance, thin summer is no exception. Use hand touch spinning is thin quilt cover of summer, the skin will not have the feeling of stimulation, with the hand petting a quilt around, filling a full uniform, press gently with hand quilt, the springback can be compressed in a relatively short time, finally picked up and gently rub the quilt, should feel soft and comfortable, 4 jins catties.
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