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Bedding factory belt you know buy four step - bedding, pay attention to the key Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-15
We all know that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking and palpation, actually this four steps can also be used in bedding, the choose and buy. Many consumers to buy a set of contentment of bedding, run a lot of home textile spinning outlets. Today small make up teach you how to purchase a set of bed is tasted. Step one, hope. In the traditional Chinese medicine pay attention to view its color, want to notice when the choose and buy our bed is tasted the color of the product. Many people may all don't know, the color of the bed is tasted more use of formaldehyde content, the more goods, our long-term contact with formaldehyde can cause considerable damage to our body and mind. So, it is suggested that us consumers when making purchases, as far as possible to buy the color of quietly elegant, natural bed is tasted. The second step, smell. In the traditional Chinese medicine doctor to hear the description of the patients is very important, we also want to listen to more when consumer is buying guide home textiles giving advice. No matter you are familiar with one bed is tasted, this is the first purchase of bed is tasted, guide to patiently listen to, after all, the somebody else is specialized is engaged in the textile industry sales personnel, products on their store must be very familiar with and understand. Step 3, asked. This q, in traditional Chinese medicine is asking the doctor for patients. We after listening to the advice of the shoppers, also want to ask you a lot for these products of doubt, the understanding of all aspects of product for your last purchase plays a key role. Step four, cut. 'Cut' in traditional Chinese medicine for patients with pulse. Consumers after the comprehensive understanding, we will use your body to feel this bed is really as good as shoppers say, how to touch, conditional word can lie down, let the body to tell you the final answer.
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