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Bedding factory: maintenance tips - home textile products Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-14
Bedding is each of us must have a life in the family, pieces of exquisite makes bedroom more natural sweet home textiles products, however, focus on consultant told us that if once it washing and maintenance method is wrong, may affect the service life of the products, can also cause some problems. What, then, when we how to do to bedding suite how to maintenance and cleaning? 1. Bedding, cleaning frequency can be according to personal hygiene. Before first use, can rinse water first time, will be on the surface of the pulp quality and printing and dyeing floating color wash, to use will be more soft, when cleaning in the future are not easy to fade. 2. Cotton fabric bedding is not use detergent containing bleach composition, cotton fabric printing and dyeing process, the dyeing and printing design is not very strong, as long as the master a few tricks, it softens the indoor space rigid lines, in build and beautification household has a decisive role in the environment: the sitting room can choose decorative elegant fabrics, these places may dust is bigger, but if you want to extend the service life, gift bedroom the style of a kind of sweet, its modelling changeable and easy to replace, silk and bamboo fiber machine wash not dry, wash with a little vinegar can increase the gloss. 3. Silk, silk floss, soybean fiber can't use the detergent containing enzymes, it will decompose the organic fiber, causing unnecessary loss of natural fabric. 4. Wool, cashmere, attention should be paid to avoid long soaking time, avoid ironing, velvet fabric surface temperature is too high will make the velvet fabric paste, very ugly. 5. Flax products can't scrub when catharsis, twist, such meetings make flax fabric deformation. 6. Best when washing water temperature not to exceed 30 ℃, it is extremely easy to rub off, also can protect the natural fiber naturalness. Cloth art in contemporary family more and more get the favour of people, can not use detergent containing enzymes, the maintenance of home textiles fabric what is not a difficult thing. Feather and wool material do not need frequent air basks in bedding, only need to put aside a few hours in ventilated place, therefore become especially popular in recent years, decorate kitchen can choose strong washable fabrics. The most commonly used fabric materials including cotton, hemp and other natural fibers, polyester/cotton fiber and synthetic fiber. In addition, the delicate nature more sweet bedroom, generally soaking time is less than half an hour, cloth art is easy to absorb dust, after all. So many materials and fabrics, home consultant remind, for different material bed is tasted, also do not exposure. I believe that through aika advisor to talk about the related content, to learn all friends are now friends also want to read this article, can make more friends through communication can learn the cleaning and maintenance method, to oneself, the bedding the use of more enduring.
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