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Bedding factory said, bed is tasted the choose and buy list - are very important Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-14
In October, the temperature drops, bedding also should change. Bed is tasted change how to change, besides the surface - — Product design, more should pay attention to in - — The quality of our products and parts. Bed is tasted the choose and buy the flower color of home textile products as an important part of soft decoration, decorated with our bedroom space, and decorated with our colorful life. Choice in design color, bed is tasted the first thing to consider the coordination of bedding and room environment, pay attention to household environment local adornment and the unity of the whole style. Fashion simple decoration style, colour is pure and fresh, design fashion much like home textile fashion bedding will be collocation; Luxurious atmosphere of home environment is suitable with elegance, exquisite, gorgeous much loved classic bed is tasted. Choose bedding pattern color also need to consider the influence of human body color itself. Such as summer choose shallow green, blue, white, cold tonal color, give a person pure and fresh and cool feeling. Such as green and purple, and helps to soothe, can make the person the spirit of relaxation, relieve tension, and white, the original wood color, the color and the visual nerve of people the most appropriate, is one of the bed is tasted the best choice of the color. In 2013, more than love home textile a fashion bedding with comfortable blue, blue memory clear designs win the market, has become the best-selling model of bed is tasted in the quarter, additional replenishment joined quotient more times. Bed is tasted the quality connotation of choose and buy in the winter, summer thin, air conditioning is into bed is tasted sweet steamed bun of the market. For the quilt, pattern, fill is not to be ignored. Spinning home textiles focus on research and development of new filling fiber, meet the different needs of the body on the bed is tasted. As much love in the summer of bamboo fiber is soft and smooth texture, permeability is good, natural air-conditioning, in addition to the sweat, the bacterium, function that divide mite, deodorization etc; Is more like milk fiber air conditioning, smooth, soft, moisture absorption, the platoon is wet performance is good, green health, rich in amino acids, which are beneficial to the human body and natural moisturizing factor, natural lasting antibacterial, bacteriostasis function can bring health sleep environment; Love washed silk summer is more, rich in 18 kinds of amino acids the human body needs, moisture absorption, the platoon is wet performance is good, permeability is good, to sleep more comfortable health, is the summer air conditioning is the best choice. Spinning small make up summary: winter bedding extreme makeover to take into account the overall environment, style is tie-in, and product quality, create a relaxed and natural, healthy and comfortable, household environment and unique taste.
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