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Bedding factory tell you bed is tasted also exquisite - spring cover philosophy Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-02
Temperature rise slowly, the weather is warm, bloomy spring season is coming, people rushed to the thick winter are replaced by a thin during the spring and autumn, changed his bloated thick cotton-padded clothes for the light in the spring and autumn outfit. In fact, to do so is not the appropriate, easy to cause a cold invasion. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturer warm prompt, spring to spring cover, bedding also has spring cover principle. General weather from winter to spring, spring air temperature changes, morning and evening temperature difference is big, the body's defense system is still in the early 'hibernation' wake up, can't adapt to, want to have a transition period, early off his cotton-padded clothes, change of winter quilts, body failed to adapt to it may trigger a virus invasion. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers think, don't cut our comforters, any clothing or night with our bed is tasted. Critical temperature of 15 ℃ is 'spring cover'. In general, below 15 ℃, day and night temperature difference is more than 8 ℃ are need to cover. Spring cover exquisite quilt. Such as cover of thick warm in the winter of compound winter by mother and son are, in the process of temperature rise, can replace the first heavy type to keep warm in the spring and autumn, you can lash is child was removed, the temperature rises, the spring and autumn are for soft type. Of course, can also according to the needs of different constitution, as the case add thin by auxiliary wu warm blanket, summer. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers think well spring cover to keep warm, also can differ in suite selection. Such as in the winter is usually use flannelette suite of fabric, comfortable and warm, intimate warming faster, temperature rise, can replace grinding suite of wool fabrics, can be used in the spring and autumn day suite and ordinary cotton fabrics, in summer, ice silk fabrics suite most comfortable. Shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers come to readers, dress in the spring, spring cover must pay attention to 'under thick thin'. Because of the lower half away from the heart, cold more since, while the lower body need more warm. Except before sleeping to soak the foot, let feet first heat back into the bed, we can sleep on foot of leg with a blanket and so on, to do a good job of keeping warm. Shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers think, bed is tasted spring cover total principle is 'under the bed is tasted, wu warm moderate, thick thin'. Adhere to this principle, to do a good job of keeping warm, pleasant, happy life.
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