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by:TONDA     2020-04-15
Before study bedding bag specifications there are several kinds of this problem, first of all, we must first understand a little, before choosing bedding bag, whether it's made of pure cotton quilt cover or silk quilt cover, the first thing to determine is the use of occasions, also used is single bed or double bed. Because of the use of different occasions, will differ greatly in terms of specification and size. Bedding bag specifications there are several: double bed can say now double bed quilt cover is one of the most popular is the most widely used bedding bag specification and size, general around two meters in width and length in three or two meters is about two meters. So, if your home is also a double bed, you also plans to start with double bed quilt cover, so might as well consult this size and specifications. Bedding bag specifications there are several kinds: single bed while the application of double bed is very wide, but single dog is also very much these days. How much is the bed the specific specification and size? Basically, if is single bed, width is about a metre eight, of course this is an online. Because if the width of the bedding bag is too big and use it on the bed, is some white elephants. Bedding bag specifications there are several: luxury if is luxurious double bed, double bed size aspect will certainly is slightly larger than the average bed, but not much. Basic remains the same length, the width of the word around two meters to two meters between the three. But the size of the double bed quilt cover, if the size of the big bed is not very big, is not recommended. Bedding bag specifications there are several: the sizes and specifications of the children bed children bed quilt cover is fixed, while in terms of width of the gap with single bed and is not very big, but slightly smaller in length, the width of the basic between one meter five to eight, this depends on the child's height and length at about a metre eight. Bedding bag specifications there are several: baby crib bed quilt cover basically is square, that is to say the width and length, side length will be about one metre 2. For ordinary baby, the size of the quilt is enough. In addition to note, the baby, bedding bag width and length is not the bigger the better. That is spinning the small make up of home textiles finishing about bedding bag specifications there are several answers. Now you whether have a rough idea of bedding bag specification? Actually even don't know, no relationship, in the process of purchase, you only need to describe it as a guide in the surrounding personnel his bed and the use of the crowd, shoppers will rely on his own experience and skills to help you choose a suitable bedding bag. In addition, before buying, if is not assured, you can refer to the existing bedding bag size.
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