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Bedding manufacturer: bedding, cleaning maintenance considerations - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-14
Bedding, including bed sheets, bedspread, bedding, quilt cover, pillow, pillowcase, waist with and so on. But how many people know what cleaning maintenance need to pay attention! Here is spinning home textiles for you to provide clean bedding note: 1, chemical fiber fabrics, normal temperature washing, cannot use hot water immersion, machine wash, wash, velvet fabrics can't pressing the surface of the pile. 2, generally soaking time less than half an hour, when cleaning the water temperature is generally not more than 40 degrees Celsius. 3, cotton fabric when cleaning, should first put washing powder detergents (such as Do not use detergent containing bleach composition) In the water, after being completely dissolved, add the cotton fabric. 4, including wool and cashmere fiber fabrics: normal temperature washing and ironing in temperature, use less as far as possible when such fabrics suggested that dry cleaning, washing detergent containing enzymes soak for a long time, suggest using silk wool detergent. 5, such as dryers, use of low temperature drying, temperature not more than 35 degrees Celsius, to prevent excessive shrinkage. Such as lace, pendant ornaments under desirable must take first wash again. 6, corduroy, dry cleaning, washing: cold washing and ironing in temperature, when ironing should be ironed fabric back, had better be in when ironing, dry brush the positive fluff clothes are available, and can keep villi feel. 7 fabrics, silk fabrics, silk cotton, soybean fiber fabric, can not use the normal temperature water washing detergent containing enzymes, dry clean and washed by hand, not dry when washing, don't twist dry hard, not exposure in the sun, cold pressing, suggest using silk wool detergent, wash with a little vinegar added can increase fabric luster. 8 when catharsis, linen products don't rub, rub hard, in order to avoid napping, affect the appearance and longevity. Cleaning after the completion of the dry, not long time exposure. And consumers are often mistakenly think that as long as possible when drying. 9 when cleaning, textile products, light color products to wash separately with dark products, to avoid staining. 10, tencel fabric, bamboo fiber fabric, washing, dry cleaning, washing, normal temperature can't heat soak, machine wash can't dry, dry it in ventilation and avoid light place after cleaning, cannot insolate, should be ironed at low temperature. Spinning home textile call your attention to the following error: 1, quilts, pillows are not tan the longer, the better, because cotton contains rich blend of natural oils, drying time is too long to oil to dry, aging, affect the adhesion and insulation performance. Generally from 11:00 am to noon at 2 air basks in 2 ~ 3 hours, the best illumination sufficient drying effect is good, can avoid again for a long time to dry is easily infected with outdoor dust. 2. Exposure to high temperature antivirus. Feather and wool material do not need frequent air basks in bedding, also do not exposure. Because when the sun in the high temperature can make the feathers and wool oil change, produce smell, this kind of quilt in ventilated place to dry for 1 hour. 3. Pat quilt more fluffy. After drying the quilt like pat pat, think it is clean and can really makes the quilt fleeciness, actually does not: cotton thick, short, fragile; Synthetic fiber thin and long, easy to deformation, once the flap, fiber squeeze harden into my pants won't healed; 3. Duvets, more can't beat the feather fracture into tiny dust 'feather', will affect the heat preservation effect.
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