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by:TONDA     2020-04-11
For direct contact with the body of the bedding fabrics, believe that everyone is concerned about and familiar, but often ignored the attention of the filling material of bed is tasted. In fact, in the fabric and material is an important part of the bed is tasted, below, spinning le home textiles will introduce you to some of the common sense about bedding filling material. Cotton bedding besides exquisite fabrics, important filling material and products - - - - - - Cotton. Even with the good fabric, if the filling material is bad, the product is still not perfect, the scale is not high. Don't know much about the general consumers, such as the filling material, it is hard to discern the stand or fall of product. High-end bedding fabric and filling material is particularly exquisite. Fiber fineness is markers of cotton fiber thickness degrees, with points, dtex) Said, the conventional bedding filling material general specification has 6 d, 7 d, 8 d, 15 d, length is 64 mm, usually 1000 meters of cotton fiber weighing a few grams is called, the cotton fiber, the more coarse. High-end bedding, filling material is generally not more than 8 d cotton. Eddie usually cotton bedding with 6 d, 7 d, 8 d, this kind of cotton is fine, feel is good, to adapt themselves to human skin. 1, terylen cotton: generally is solid, elastic and warmth retention property is poorer, feel heavy, can be used as a cheap bedding filling material. 2, hollow cotton: these cotton generally have a hole or porous, good elasticity, warmth retention property, suitable for high-grade bedding filling material. ( 1) Single-hole cotton: there is a hole hollow fiber, elastic and warmth retention property is terylen solid cotton is good, price is low generally as ordinary bedding filling material. ( 2) Porous cotton: this kind of fiber has seven holes or 4 holes respectively, specifications for 6 d, 8 d. Three-dimensional crimp are cotton, elastic, warmth retention property and air permeability is good, light weight, the body feel comfortable. Because fiber hole can keep moisture and oxygen in the air, for human body skin metabolism, beneficial health. So commonly used in high-grade bedding filling material, but the cost is higher. 3, smooth cotton: these cotton one hole, after finishing feel special comfortable and smooth. Warmth retention property, and good elasticity. Such as plus the LOFT special mouldproof, anti bacteria, antistatic fibre, is more healthy and comfortable, accord with the need of modern people, at the same time can avoid feather allergy, cotton is easy to breed bacteria, produce peculiar smell and other shortcomings. The cotton as waterfowl are often and quilt filling material. 4, soft cotton, loose cotton, cotton or three dimensional crimp hollow puckering cotton combed, paving, spray adhesive, such as finishing process is made and be become. Usually adopt a finer fibers. Spray and soft rubber by high temperature resistant, disinfection, soft, light weight, commonly used as a multi-purpose cotton at core. According to its thickness can be divided into 800 #, 1000 #, 1200 # - - - - - - - 2400 # cotton. Often as a high-end bedding, multi-purpose cotton at core.
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