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by:TONDA     2020-04-05
The quilt is one of the main product of home textile market, summer is a wide range of designs emerge in endlessly, novel pattern design is a major highlight of its appeal to consumers; While winter is more pay attention to its core materials and workmanship, is the core of good and evil should be how to judge? Below are spinning home textiles for you to provide the analysis of characteristics of several types of the common quilt, silk by spinning le home textile silk by through long-term studies confirm that natural silk contains special 'sericin' SERJCIN ingredients, allergy, close skin protection, long-term use of silk by, it can cause human body health, there are mainly five aspects: one is to promote sleep. Silk sericin composition contains 18 kinds of amino acids, these amino acids sends out a tiny molecules called 'sleep factor', it can make the person's nerve in the relatively stable state. Cover silk by can improve sleep, enhance the vitality of the human body, slow down aging. The second is good cold force and constant temperature. Silk by 'fiber queen' of reputation, containing fiber among the highest in the 'gap' silk volume can reduce thermal conductivity when the day is cold, warmth retention property is better than leather, cotton, on hot days and can get rid of excess heat, cause the temperature to keep comfortable, and can reduce the heart and blood vessels during sleep under load and the pressure, make your sleep more comfortable, healthy, sweet. Three is to have prevent mites, antibacterial, anti allergy and close skin nature. Silk sericin ingredients not only can make the person's skin exquisite gloss, and has the ability to prevent mites and mold breed is more conducive to allergic constitution. Four is to prevent rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. Natural silk, contains a substance called 'hydrophilic amino acid' side, can absorb the moisture in the air, and try to rule out, maintain was dry, and is especially useful for rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases. Five is silk by itself has a strong force and strong tensility, and for the fabric mesh structure, cleared by tire tire body shift or holes phenomenon in the use, can use for a long time, maintain a comfortable and fluffy. True and false true silk silk by differential method has a bright luster, long fiber, will not spread, after burning smell hair or feathers of animal protein burning, burning ashes with handle gently knead into a black powder. Fake silk bright beautiful luster, short fiber, will spread, burn after taste such as coke, ash is hard and granular. Be spinning wool textile wool sheep wool is used more is fine hair, good elasticity, not easy to harden and its material also determines the price is relatively expensive. Good brand fleece will adopt high quality Australian wool without pesticides farm as a raw material, after screening, cleaning, washing and disinfection, and other advanced processing technology, the wool own existence of odor did special, thoroughly remove processing, thus it has the advantages of other quilt have no - — — Allergy, it is especially suitable for the elderly or asthma, the pure wool not have side effects like feather or fiber thin quilt, so sleep is also more comfortable. Maintenance cannot be washed, is only suitable for dry cleaning. Drying in the sun, 30 minutes to an hour, can achieve sterilization, to the effect of moisture, not exposure. Goose down by spinning le home textile goose down by goose down by: general white goose down is as light as a feather, padding ( That does not include the fabric) Only 1 to 1. 5 kg, about a third of the quilt, wool and silk quilt half. Under the condition of the same volume weight sorting, quilt & gt; Wool is & gt;> Silk by & gt; Ordinary goose down & gt; White goose down quilt. Soft as silk cotton, in addition to the light, white goose down and the characteristics of the soft, soft, won't cause pressure on the human body, so especially suitable for high blood pressure, heart attack, poor circulation, and the elderly, pregnant women, children, etc. Loose not agglomeration, white goose down is the fluffy ability better, more durable, more even, very durable, do not harden, deformation, usually live for two hundred and thirty years. Moisture to keep warm, everyone know more generally quilt especially thick quilt for the winter sun, at least in turn out every day for a period of time. That is for night absorb human body moisture and exhaust fumes, can guarantee the health of body and health, for the skin and body temperature has great benefits. But China's winter often because the temperature is too low, and insufficient sunshine and there is no guarantee that every normal platoon is wet. Not beautiful also be frightened by this trouble, do not fold the quilt is why every day a lot of people do not have to wet. Goose down 'tempering' feature can be absorbed by capillary action that the exhaust gas produced by the human body and water vapor and quickly send out into the air, so cover goose down by sleep feel warm, comfortable and dry, without oppressive feeling again. Blood flow, blood pressure normal, central nervous to settle quickly into the sweet dreams. The health quality of sleep is more effective than any top maintain article, 'beauty lies in under the goose down quilt just because of this reason. As for warm goose down is the undisputed champion. Goose down because of its three-dimensional structure, through the expansion of the different, form a fixed air to heat preservation and heat insulation layer, so the heat preservation effect is very good. The same volume of cases by the warmth retention property, white goose down & gt; Ordinary goose down & gt; Wool is & gt; Silk by & gt; The quilt. An ounce of white goose down feather can provide about three times as much heat preservation ability of artificial materials.
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