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by:TONDA     2020-04-14
Along with the bedroom often embodies the owner's personal taste, the life quality, bed as visual focus in the bedroom, bedding is regarded as 'dress' of the bedroom. Bedding design and color, texture, the grade is dazzling, dizzying, fashionable people of course will not ignore the choice of bedding. Bedding, including bed sheets, bedspread, bedding, quilt cover, pillow, pillowcases, cushion, etc. , different seasons have different choice, low winter temperatures, feeling cold, should choose high quality warm cotton, duck down, silk cotton, to increase the cold hardiness of strength, to construct a warm and comfortable morpheus space. Autumn, day and night temperature difference is big, should choose breathable absorbent soft thin by, is advantageous to the sweat glands breathing, promote the quality of sleep. The choice of pillow, height should be moderate, head to the feeling of soft, it can bring you a night dreamless sleep. Waist depend, is both a soft adornment, at the same time in bed is a kind of ornament, but don't look down upon the role of it, while reading, tired, it is your close guard. When choosing bedding, the first thing to choose a comfortable fabric. Go to the market at present in the fabrics of nothing more than the following: cotton, polyester cotton, linen, chemical fiber, silk. Expert thinks, pure cotton suction, stick a skin, of a person's skin no stimulation, so pure cotton fabric is one of the most used bedding, cotton warmth retention property good, feel is also relatively soft, the price also is moderate, but pure cotton fabrics have a weakness is shrinking, home textiles home textiles to remind, if want to customized bedding must take into account this point. If the instructions written on the 'tc' 2 words, that is not 100% cotton, but mixed with the mixture of chemical fiber cotton, is cheaper, but use after period of time easy pilling, thus not suitable for household use repeatedly,, of course, also can give it applied topically as flax fabric. Linen fabric bedding, feel is rougher, thus suitable for local use, for example: the daytime bedspread or covered with sheets for this kind of little contact with the skin of the bedding. In addition, the chemical fiber fabric color is gorgeous, but because of the chemical fiber will produce electrostatic, bad to the skin, the skin is sensitive person after use easy to skin allergy, so chemical fiber fabric is very less. Silk bedding decorative fabric is very good, and feel soft, comfortable, at these advantages, many businessmen are still expensive silk as bedding fabrics. In recent years, the prevalence of bedspread also become a pet bedding, it can make the bedding pillow from dust pollution, and it is extremely beautiful effect of soft adornment in the bedroom, a color coordination, novel design, exquisite workmanship, quality of a material such as pure cotton, silk, brocade made of printing, embroidery, jacquard style of bedspread lay on the bed, on three sides and vertical, tile neat, clean and comfortable, elegant, sweet atmosphere can increase the bedroom. Bedding on the choice of color, can fully enjoy the pleasure of colour and design collocation, for example, a spring mood sheet, deserve to go up a blue-black pillowcase and gules bed bedding, to cultivate optimistic character, casting a healthy body, Recommendation: sofa cushion for leaning on of ease back pain) 。 Colorful bedding, with its practicability, beautiful sex won the favour of fashionable personage, you can also use their own unique taste, carefully choose their favorite bedding, bring warm and intimate space romance and tender.
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