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by:TONDA     2020-04-12
Buying bedding consumers will find, bedding materials there's plenty of tricks, silk cotton, cotton satin drill ', 'combed mercerized cotton', 'ice cotton' and other new ideas emerge in endlessly. Was busy to buy wedding supplies liu said, these fancy concept is confused: 'I just want to know this thing is cotton, linen and silk, but now I don't understand these names. 'The new fabric, the direct effect of ascension is price. In a brand bedding store in the city, 3000 yuan of above four pieces of bed is tasted there is more than a dozen varieties, staggering. One of the personage inside course of study warns customer, bed is tasted not as expensive as possible, some home textiles products are now in the concept of speculation, all kinds of new products to let us bewilder. Actually quilt each have advantages and disadvantages of different materials, such as quilt heat preservation effect is good, wet gas, moth-proofing fast absorption, the disadvantage is that for a long time use, easy to harden. Duvet has good hygroscopicity, perspire all over, is dry, do not harden, deformation, the disadvantage is that not breathe freely, not personal. Wool is very close and warm, but afraid of tide, after be affected with damp be affected with damp smell; Chemical fiber material quilt fleeciness feeling is very good, breathable dry, defect is not close, and electrostatic strong, easy to get dirty. In the face of the beauty on the market by, sterile by functions such as by, consumers should be rational, best starting from their own consumption level, do not blindly trust advertisements.
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