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by:TONDA     2020-04-12
Autumnal increasingly rich, the cool autumn wind, sleep at night, we can feel filar silk cool idea. And our home, this time should also change equipment, increase more warm breath. Autumn home outfit, first start with home textile bedding. And spinning brand, research shows that: a lot of people in the selection of home textiles products, only pay attention to appearance, while ignoring its inherent quality and environmental protection. In fact, home textile products, if do not pay attention to choose, will cause harm to the body. As a result, the choose and buy home textile products, also need both inside and outside. Towel is better choose heavy handle loop high and dense; When the choose and buy towels, also cannot simply look at design and color, and should choose fluffy texture, soft towel. Terry towel with high had good water imbibition and water storage properties, due to the fabric surface covering a layer of annular loop, the height of the loop is closely related to the quality of the towel. Other things equal, terry and high fabric, long service life. Towels should be paid attention to at the same time, avoid by all means is hard, so as not to hurt the skin. In general, the high quality towels feel is soft, fluffy and elastic. In addition, the family also can do some quality identification when in the use of towels, such as the drip on the new towel can quickly be absorbed, explain absorbent towels. High quality towel when use elastic and friction feeling, water won't rub off. Inferior towel water imbibition is poor, when using, lax, inelastic, feel satiny, rub off badly when launching, stimulate the damage to skin and eyes. In addition, as far as possible choose pure cotton products, color with light and medium advisable. Consumers can use 'burn' ways to verify whether the selected towel cotton - — Extract a silk thread from towel with fire, if the residue is hard ball, then is not pure cotton towel. Bed is tasted the secret behind the ornate, Sheet: 1, looking at the smallest size commodity description sheet, if the sheet of 230 by 250, it adopted the fabric width is 230 90% width of 250 width is also useful to make 230 + 250 sheets, manufacturers to save costs. 2, see pillow case: the size of the national standard pillowcase to 48 x 74 ( Inner diameter) 。 Some commodity description says pillowcase size of 50 x 80, vague, actually 50 x 80 is outer diameter size, diameter is only 40 x 70, although that will save cost, but some high-end pillow core is not in. 3, the bedding bag: most of the bedding bag size is 200 x 230, buyers before buying must consult the seller, ask about 200 x 230 is finished size, or the size of shrink after meet, because pure cotton fabric has more or less shrinkage. In addition, the notice also bound by core fixed rope is had in the bedding bag, if there is no fixed rope, is to buy for themselves in the corners of bedding bag sewn fixed rope, or by core in use process will run and huddled together. 4, see width: 250 cm door width fabric 99% belongs to high-grade fabrics, part of the 230 cm width of the door also belongs to high-grade fabrics but 230 cm door width of high-grade fabrics will no longer production! If the suite sheet size is 230 * 250 cm can consult the seller if increased to 250 x 250 cm is the sole picture, is no juncture, if so you can rest assured to buy! 5, the bedspread: general bedspread prettier than sheets reason mainly displays on the skirt curtain, long skirt curtain beauty is mainly a discount how much density, average bedspread discount how much material is to be calculated in this way: if a 1. 5 m x 2. 0 m bedspread, its total length skirt curtain should be ( 1. 5 + 2. 0 + 2. 0) X 2 = 11 meters. And a few small manufacturers of bedspread only 7 meters, the total length of skirt curtain just think, how can such a bedspread beautiful? choose cooperate with household design; products for residential environment, must consider the coordination and room environment, pay attention to household environment local adornment and the unity of the whole style. In addition, choose different fabrics, can produce different effects. Straightforward warm cotton and linen cloth, calico, simple natural, rich gorgeous silks and satins, velvet and elegant solemn. Rough texture feeling of warm, smooth texture feeling of cool and refreshing. Fabrics of different visual effect, create the atmosphere of each different, when decorating, can choose according to individual be fond of and appeal.
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