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Bedding manufacturer: select the right bed is tasted, a cool summer Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-11
Abstract: the hot summer is coming, the nights are short, many friends reflect the lack of sleep, coupled with heat and wet, mosquito bites, such as status, lack of sleep, but difficult to fall asleep again. In this case, people usually feel summer night, it was poor sleep more awake. manufacturers bedding experts: bedding of the right to choose, can reduce the feeling of people impetuous, whether home textiles fabrics of bed is tasted, or quilts, pillows, should be based on sleep characteristics of human body in the summer and replacing ChengYingJi products. Necessary 1: choose breathable natural textile bedding fabrics midsummer night, hot also don't sleep on the floor again, still want to sleep in a bed, then choose a permeability good bedding is very important. Ordinary cotton bedding while absorb sweat, but compared with mat, without a trace of cool, but some consumers, mat is cool, that's right, but a little hard, wake up skin will have traces of bamboo, after visiting the monopoly store, experts recommend home textile manufacturers very cool tencel ™ is a good choice for summer, home textiles manufacturers very cool tencel ™ excellent moisture management performance, tests have shown that even the air humidity of 65%, very cool tencel ™ can still produce the human body moisture transfer to the outside, thus make the skin feel more cool, have a good sleep. Less necessary 2: warm summer cool summer also will quilt cover on the chest, avoid catch cold catch cold catch a cold. But traditional quilt was too thick, towelling coverlet, dry and breathable enough, can't absorb moisture, cover in the body are easy to stick to sweat, is neither comfortable nor health. At present, the mall sleep zone sales quilt warm degree can be divided into 6 level, including warm for 1 and 2 of the quilt is suitable for the summer. Some synthetic containing synthetic fiber and trilobites modal packing, permeability is good, can effectively absorb and scatter moisture, stay dry all night. Necessary 3: breathing is also the key to good sleep pillow pillow, people usually like to use straw pillow mat tied on the pillow, but some people sleep very uncomfortable, especially in the side of the person you like, face the pressure on the pillow mat is very painful, and not enough air. Experts recommend home textile manufacturer in feather pillow or synthetic packing pillow, the pillow coat of 100% cotton. Cotton and other natural materials, permeability is good, that is to say, the air can free circulation in the pillow, so it's easy to dry, also helps to keep cool pillow. Cotton jacket with the same easy to dry down, sleep can give a person the dry environment.
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