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by:TONDA     2020-04-02
At the start of the summer, as temperatures rise, people body blood circulation, supply of blood and oxygen flowing to the brain is decreased, the soft, lethargy, giddy phenomenon sleepy spring fever. To overcome chunkun phenomenon is how to carry out outdoor sports, as soon as possible to adapt to climate change. In addition, the guarantee of sleep time, also can reduce the phenomenon of daytime sleepiness. When it comes to sleep, naturally without health bedding, this is the important guarantee of good sleep. In this paper, let small make up for you to choose the appropriate home textile products. Teach you bed is tasted selection and maintenance of common sense more than home textile product goods all with the improvement of living standards, people has higher requirement on the sleep environment, home textile products of choose and buy is no longer just to meet the needs of warm, on the basis of meet the demand of aesthetic pursuit of healthy environmental protection. Small make up, full of beautiful things in eyes of home textiles products on the market at present, and then take the quilt, points from the fabrics, there are mainly made of pure cotton, silk, blended yarn, bamboo fiber, etc. ; Filler has down, silk, plant fiber, etc. Recently stopped warming and cooling, duvet and so on heat preservation performance is good quilt sales situation is better. Small make up in a home textile products mainly to the wholesale shop, duvet currently on the market for different size and different fillers and prices. Such as containing 90% white duck down quilt price is in 700 yuan - 1500 yuan, with 95% of white goose down quilt price is in 2000 yuan - 4000 yuan. Summer is coming, some people began to cool the choose and buy is. Small make up consulting, purchase cool was mainly silk by and quilts. Printed cotton cold is controlled in 100 yuan price, including 100% silk cool is the price for 250 yuan - 400 yuan; Still have a kind of craft embroidered cool by, sells for 150 yuan - 300 yuan. In addition, there is a constant temperature is on the market at present, the heat preservation performance is good, price is in 260 yuan - 360 yuan between. How to choose in the face of so many home textiles products, small make up recommend had better choose high reputation of the ten famous brands in home textile products. According to the actual situation of considering whether to choose a full suit; According to the economic situation choose the grade of the home textiles products; And consideration of coordination with family decorate a style to choose of oneself be fond of the style and color. In addition, also note the following: 1. Check logo, the packaging. Relatively complete formal enterprise product label content, address, phone clear, product quality is relatively good; On the product label is not complete, non-standard, inaccurate, or product packaging rough, printing blurred, consumers to buy carefully. 2. Check the appearance, the work. Currently on the market of home textile products is different, the price difference is bigger also. Better product quality cloth smooth uniform, fine texture, printing clear, rich luster, uniform flat sewing; Some products are cheap, but product cloth not divide evenly, disorder, sewing rough texture is sparse, decorative pattern, to guarantee the quality of the dimensional changes accordingly, dyeing fastness etc. May also to exceed bid. Fabrics, for example, the higher the density, the better the quality of the fabric, that is to say, both cotton or polyester/cotton, the higher the density of fabric quality, the better. 3. Smell, choose design and color. Consumers in the choose and buy home textile products, also can have smell peculiar smell. If the product sends out a pungent odor, there may be residual formaldehyde, it is advisable to not to buy. When choosing color, also should try to choose and buy products, light color, color fastness to such formaldehyde exceeds bid risk will be smaller. In addition, the choose and buy the shrink proof, crease resistant, soft, pretty, etc. Also be careful when finishing products, have peculiar smell, do not have to buy. Says from the aspects of printing and dyeing, the products with good quality, its pattern and dyeing lifelike, lifelike, no color difference, no dirt, decoloring wait for a phenomenon. In addition, the same type of products, counterfeit, fake products average selling price is lower than the real thing, if the price difference, consider whether it is false and inferior product. Correct maintenance service life have you met this kind of situation, home textile products feel it wasn't long before will fade, deformation, even have a small opening? A professional told small make up, correct maintenance and washing method is very important. She has a set of bed covered 4 times, were used for six years, also like new! Small make up envy, I ask her some washing method: cotton product cannot be higher than the water temperature 30 ℃, washing machine, with soft file, cannot use bleach, if you want to soak, no more than an hour, dehydration can't more than 30 seconds; Real silk products suggested that dry cleaning or washed by hand. So, we must pay attention to when cleaning draperies method. In addition, also mention the pillow core. The pillow is comfortable is the important guarantee of good sleep, now has a variety of pillow core, a variety of functions, but many people don't pay attention to the maintenance of the pillow core. Here, shijiazhuang bedding manufacturer small make up for commercial, pillow core using two months should be out on the sun for a day or two, when sun a pat gently, let changed shape of restorable.
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