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Bedding manufacturer to make your bed is tasted not rub off Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-02
Nowadays, bedding is mostly cotton fabrics, again good printing and dyeing, for the darker products, will appear a little rub off. Often this seem to be troubling many consumers. Please don't worry about it, four simple recruit to teach you how to make your bed is tasted not rub off. The first recruit: toilet water cleaning method. Need raw materials: toilet water this way is more suitable for cotton fabric and wool fabric, method first according to the conventional methods to clean bedding, rinse clean, after a few drops on clean water toilet water, and then wash good bedding in this water for 10 minutes. Cleaned bedding in this way can also have the effect of disinfection sterilization and removal of sweat. The second recruit: pickling process. Need raw materials: table vinegar at bright red or purple color such as bedding. Method is before washing these, plus some ordinary vinegar to the water, soak for a while you can! But more like remind vinegar quantity cannot too much, otherwise easy to light the bed linens department of dyeing. If you can often so clean bedding can guarantee bedding color is bright and clean as new! Three recruit: the drying method. This method is the most commonly used, especially for some dark bedding is particularly effective. Method is very simple, is to make bedding, in turn, air is basked in. Here to remind you: most of the fabrics of bedding can be the sun direct illuminate, because ultraviolet light is bedding rub off the culprit. So not only should, in turn, drying, conditional word as far as possible in the dark bed in dry ventilated place. The fourth recruit: salt water immersion method. Need raw materials: salt is most suitable for rub off problem of bedding effect very spirit. Buy new bedding in order to prevent discoloration, before launching for the first time to use first concentrated brine bath, half an hour, and then according to the conventional method to clean. If there is still a slight rub off, can be in every time before cleaning water fights with light saline soak in ten minutes, persevere in the long term, bedding, and you'll never in the rub off! Spinning home textiles think what you think, love you all. Let you have the brand, bed is tasted, enjoy delicate beauty sleep at the same time, solve all your worries, let love more sweet, let your life more delicate.
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