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by:TONDA     2020-04-02
People choose pay more attention to the permeability of quilts, pillows, mat has become an essential product in the bedroom. One of the ten famous brands in China home textiles shijiazhuang home textile manufacturers think whether quilts, pillows, or mat, all natural materials should be selected for the bed is tasted, again through the reasonable collocation of color, ensure that sleep more comfortable. First of all, shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers think bed is tasted permeability is the key. Because of the damp climate, hot, permeability is good quilts and pillows of great benefit to improve sleep quality. Open air conditioning sleep, generally don't cover with quilt son easy to catch a cold, but the quilt is too thick. Can choose to feel more smooth natural fibers, such as hemp fiber, bamboo fiber, silk, etc. When the choose and buy can observe whether product fabrics is closely evenly first, quality of a material is exquisite, printing is clear; Again by touch, feel is smooth level off. Bed is tasted permeability is focused on the internal padding. The traditional air conditioning is used by most of fiber materials, permeability is good. Some padding when buy can not be observed directly, salespeople often introduce cotton, silk, feather, how should ask clear composition, is pure natural materials. For reasons of cool, many people will spread mat on the bed. Currently on the market of mat mat, rattan mat, bamboo mat and more expensive leather seats, hemp. The choice of mat must it is beautiful natural, ecological and environmental protection, whether it is bamboo, straw mat or leather seats, no special smell sniffing is advisable. Because insufficient, cool mat purchase crowd few; But the price and make a lot of people compare high-grade leather seats, hemp seats; Bamboo between them, the most popular with consumers. Bamboo when the choice, in addition to look uniform color, no stain, wormholes, also requires smooth to the touch even, bright and clean without burr. It is important to note that some bamboo after dealing with the painting, although there is no burr, TianRanXing and health. Shijiazhuang home textiles manufacturers summer relaxed tips: 1. Reasonable collocation of color. Bed is tasted choose fresh quietly elegant color as far as possible, such colour in easier to bring cool and refreshing visual feeling, on the other hand the bedding of light color because there is no use too many printing and dyeing method, it feels more soft and comfortable feel. Many people tend to buy colorful bed is tasted, let the home appear beautiful fashion. But design and color is very bright and perfect texture, require a relatively high level of technology, otherwise not only will appear fade phenomenon after cleaning, will also affect health. 2. Required cleaned before being used, the new bedding must be clean again, formaldehyde eliminate the remaining part of the fabric. Summer cool by cleaning must see instructions on the product requirements, some can't clean, some can only be washed by hand, some only dry cleaning, some have requirements on water temperature. If the quilt on product labeling didn't write clear, may consult the sales staff.
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