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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Duvet pick 1) Look at technology and material selection will buy duvet spread out, with the hand to touch, feel less feather stalk ( The proportion of the down and feather and ideal) , after flap recover quickly quilt as well. Good good duvet feel is soft, resilience, thin quilt fabric, quilting, there will not be run. 2) See filler duvet currently on the market within the filler is roughly divided into goose down and duck down. The real feather is long, the goose and duck's stomach into reed flowers of the villi. Three-dimensional triangular eiderdown, can store a lot of air, cold and prevent loss of heat through their own against the outside world. 3) Identify downcontent duvet in a quilt contained in the feather to points as a percentage of the purity of 50%, 70%, 90% have downcontent a few class, such as the price also according to different downcontent, ranging from several hundred to several thousand yuan, including mattresses price relative to the goose down quilt to cheaper. Generally no downcontent 100% duvets, duck down downcontent 90%, content of goose down 90% is already a good product. B silk by selecting 1) Look at some silk quilt is made of select material like cotton short fibre filling, only with a thin layer on the surface of silk to disguise, so when buy bedding bag zipper carefully check to open. Good silk fiber is longer, the outward appearance is showing a white light, silk is not cloudy, soft, smooth and smooth. 2) Know principle because of silk mainly of animal protein, containing more than ten kinds of amino acids, so some people say that it is the second skin of human beings. It has strong hygroscopicity, antistatic property, is used to make quilts, more comfortable and environmental protection, especially suitable for wet weather use. 3) Query the price of silk is the price depends on the variety and quality of silk. Mulberry silk was price is the price of tussah silk is more expensive, the highest general up to 1000 yuan. 4) Weigh silk by thermal effect depends on the weight of the quilt, if use in the winter, according to the different region, select 4 - 6 jins silk filling can achieve very good heat preservation effect. C fibre was selected 1) Identify holes on buy fibre is, on the choice of aperture count is to have cultured. The number of holes fibers quilts refers to the use of the number of fiber core hole, hole number, the more the more air storage, the softness and elasticity of the quilt are, the better. 2) Knew what was happening now in the market, the most common mostly porous polyester quilt. And because the price is moderate, porous polyester quilt for many young people 'to be bestowed favor on newly'. Porous polyester fibers quilts fluffy and has good softness and flexibility. Choose 1 D plate) Cotton pad surface pad surface is the same with quilt cover, had better choose cotton, because cotton is not only soft and good moisture absorption, air permeability, and is not easy to static electricity, can make it more comfortable to sleep. 2) For filling in the natural fiber for beautiful plate padding is best for natural fibers, such as cotton, feather, etc. , the thickness of the 3 - according to need 5 cm, so that the plate is beneficial to maintain physiological curve of the body, but also relatively warm.
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