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by:TONDA     2020-05-11
When sleeping must put the bed is tasted, the color pattern determines the bedroom style, material quality decides the quality of sleep. Like to love his woman will buy shoes for yourself, good underwear, bedding is the sole criterion for testing quality home life. Good fabric, breathable close skin can reach level of naked sleep cotton is the choice of high quality. Long-staple cotton is now on the market more excellent fabrics, according to different producing area and leading producer of long-staple cotton into perhaps Egyptian cotton, horse cotton ( America's leading producer of long-staple cotton) And xinjiang long-staple cotton, fabrics are good, to this level if it is true is greatly suitable for naked sleep super fabrics. Have a wide selection of material, of course, the fabric, silk texture silky and comfortable breathable cotton and linen are good options. Count to appropriate count of the number is not the lower the better, not the higher the better. Bedding soft index to count, density index of root number. Clothing is generally not marked count and root number, but the bed is tasted is needed. Household can be naked sleep level bedding parameters should be 60 count and number 300 is good, if the count is lower than 40 poor root softness, a little hard, naked sleep even; If the number is less than 200 root density is not enough, recently will, sleep is not very comfortable, there are some rough rough sense of friction. But is definitely not the two measures, the higher the better, high count is especially soft, each special fine fabric is thin, is more suitable for use in summer, the higher the number, the more hard, because too close, even if the fabric is very soft, but woven too close, too have a feeling of sleeping on a piece of paper, but the benefits are very crisp. Process for promptly is the same as the raw material, weave are also different. Plain: the warp and weft every once a root yarn are intertwined, density is not high, more light and twill: twill fabric warp or weft at least once every two root yarn to interweave, product thick, higher density satin: woven points at least by three or more of the warp and weft interweave a once, feel is the most soft, bright and clean degree is high, smooth texture smooth, thick than plain fabric and denim fabric, high resistance to wear. High-grade embroidered suite is often made of this kind of fabric such as satin, it is not often can see a special fabric, it is a satin weave. Jacquard: changes in weaving fabric organization to form a beautiful case, fine yarn count, high requirements for raw materials. Jacquard warp and weft are intertwined, ups and downs, form all sorts of different design, texture soft, smooth texture, smooth, bright and clean degree, drapability and good permeability, high color fastness. Without the burden of sleep not only light the body during sleep, make the body stretch, more a lot of the benefits of health level. Bedding and bedding is the most important in determining the quality of sleep, the hardness of the bed wants moderate, mattress to clean, soft, often clean and accept ultraviolet exposure antivirus, let sleep in the night, there is the smell of the sun.
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