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by:TONDA     2020-05-08
The day after the heavy work, there's nothing like lying in the warm and comfortable bed more comfortable. The choose and buy a good bed cotton-padded mattress can effectively improve the quality of your sleep, not only can let you in dream at night, also can let you feeling refreshed when you since morning, is the key to you have a good bed. This article will adopt the form of questions and answers and tell how the choose and buy of the mattress and maintenance tips 1. Whether the mattress more hard, more can give a person to provide good retainer? Europe and the United States for more than one hundred years the use of mattress results show that not harder bed cotton-padded mattress, the effect of the retainer is better. Mattress retainer effect is determined by the performance of the springs in the mattress, bedding and mattress is used to increase the comfort, mattress mattress hardness and can provide good retainer is no necessary connection. 2 spend how many money to buy more appropriate of bed cotton-padded mattress? First of all to remind everybody is, the price should not be your first consideration when buying a mattress. Have a comfortable, healthy, durable mattress, can effectively improve sleep quality, make people energetic after sleep, this is how much money also can't change. Of course, this also does not represent when buying a mattress to blindly comparing, only buy expensive, don't buy right. Generally speaking, the purchase price is moderate, the quality guaranteed mattress is ok. We have to give you a calculation: a mattress for 150 cm * 190 cm, price 880 yuan. If the bed cotton-padded mattress can use 10 years, then go to bed every day the cost spent on the bed cotton-padded mattress is 0. 24 yuan. So, have a good mattress or it's a good deal. 3 how long need to replace a mattress? In general, if your mattress has been in use for more than a decade, then the need to change the time. If your mattress appear the following phenomenon, we also recommend that you change the mattress: A. Wake up feel waist is pain, B。 After getting up, feel still sleepy; C。 In bed for a long time can't fall asleep; D。 Easy to wake up every night; E. The mattress is faulty not clear; F。 The mattress surface is concave; G。 Bed cotton-padded mattress has noise. Of course, if you want to sleep soundly, in addition to having a good mattress, the key is to have a good sleep habits, such as go to bed on time, don't stay up late, before sleeping, don't do strenuous exercise, do not drink caffeinated beverages, and so on. 4 how should choose and buy mattress? In general, the size of the mattress to match the size and the size of the room and bed, not the bigger the better. If the condition allows, master room bed cotton-padded mattress is suitable in 180 cm * 200 cm; Parents room bed cotton-padded mattress can be around 150 cm * 190 cm; The mattress cannot too big, of children room should be controlled within 120 cm * 190 cm. What kind of bed frames 5 spring mattress should match? The bedstead is multifarious, on the market have a log bedstead, iron bedstead, soft package bedstead, etc. , you are confused about what to do. Choose a bedstead, generally speaking, the most important thing to notice is the following two points: one is the bed board, is currently the most ideal by log bed board made of plywood, compared with other types of bed board, wood plywood possessed the biggest characteristic is smooth, not easy bending deformation, the retainer can provide stable and reliable. Second, the foot of the bed, had better choose the foot of the bed and the ground close to the bedstead. So that you can avoid waste, dust, insect ant to enter, or choose easy to drive, easy to clean the bed frames, to keep the bed clean sanitation. 6. Bed cotton-padded mattress fabrics bump is bigger, the better car cost? This is a common mistake in choosing a mattress. In fact, to the contrary, the mattress fabric car cost of concave and convex, the greater the mattress surface will be more soft, when the sheet on the shop will feel not enough beautiful, destroy the integral effect of the bedroom. 7. The mattress is most suited to choose what color? Everyone have different requirements for beauty and understanding different, generally speaking, mattress fabrics on the design and color of shoulds not be too complicated, contrasting colors not too gorgeous, usually slightly shallow color advisable choice than bedspread. 8. Bed cotton-padded mattress of cleaning and maintenance need to pay attention to what problem? Careless if your mattress is dirty, you can use soap to remove the stain on the surface of the mattress, drain water after dry naturally, or use the ram or iron low temperature drying. In coastal areas, influenced by Marine climate, the air is humid, we must keep the air flow inside the bedroom, in the case of conditional, should open air conditioning at least 30 minutes a day, in order to make sure the mattress is not be affected with damp be affected with damp. Can be on a regular basis ( Once every three months or so) To turn the mattress head end, different parts of the mattress uniform stress, it can make the bed cotton-padded mattress live longer. 9. Bed cotton-padded mattress and environment to improve sleep quality, not only have to choose a good bed mattress, also pay attention to coordinate the relationship between the mattress and the environment, such ability get twice the result with half the effort effect. Pay particular attention to the following two questions: the light of the bedroom can't be too bright, not noisy, otherwise it will affect sleep. Of the bedroom advocate the lamp, Ceiling) Should not be installed on the mattress, otherwise it will produce oppressive feeling. Advocate the lamp should be installed in the side of bed cotton-padded mattress or the corner of the room, bedside lamp shoulds not be too high, should be from the mattress surface 50 cm is preferred.
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