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by:TONDA     2020-05-11
People have a lot of time in his life is spent in bed, so how to put the bed is a matter is to have cultured. So how to correctly put? Please see the following points. 1: for the bed itself, want to lie to consider is the length, width, the bed body enough whether level off, and have a good support and comfort. As for the bed height, is slightly above the bed of the knee. Too much is always bend over is not convenient. Remember not to stick to bed, bed should be empty, do not pile up sundry, otherwise not ventilated, easy to damp. Can cause back pain 2: Ann no matter where in the bed, the key lies in the can that should lie on the bed to see the door and the window of the bedroom, and at dawn, there will be sunshine on the bed, help to absorb the energy of nature. 3: the head of a bed not by the door, if indulge limited bedroom space, and put the bed in the gate side, it made a big fear of the bedroom. The best choice of the northern and southern dynasties to 4: beds, and magnetic force. Head towards the south or north, sleep is good for your health, because the body's blood circulation system, the aorta and the main line is the most important, the trends and the head of the human foot in the same direction. Large veins, north and south to sleep when the body is the aorta and orientation, the human body to sleep and north and south of the earth magnetic field lines consistent direction, when people are most likely to fall asleep, sleep quality is the highest, so the sleep to have a certain disease prevention and health care function. Head of a bed not west, because the earth's rotation from east to west, if the head of the western, blood rushed to the head, often sleep less safe; If head facing east to sleep, you will have a feeling of peace. 5 berth should be firm should not be empty, the head of a bed should rely on a wall, window, unreliable bed if without walls, must have the headboard of the head of a bed, the head not hung up, and, behind the head of a bed is the toilet or kitchen. 6: the bed is opposite, lest be in, there is no privacy and security, and also affect the rest. If meet the door photograph is strong, can be used to screen door, the door photograph rushs not only cut off the bed, and at the same time maintain the illicit close sex of the bedroom. 7: there shall be no beam press, lest cause depressive feeling. Is detrimental to people's physical and mental health. Such conditions include bedroom door shall have no beam voltage, fission air conditioning lie above the indoor machine cannot hanging on the pillow, the bedroom is not pensile droplight, above these all belong to the category of beam press. 8: bed not to lens, because the person is in between dream and sleep, the midnight wake up easily spooked by China film lens, spirit is restless, cause dizziness; Second person in sleep, gas can be the weakest, and has strong ability of mirror is reflected objects, easy to reflect the body's energy to go out, especially the young couple, if the bedroom mirror on the bed, in the long run, easy to infertility. If the bedroom has a mirror on the bed, can be in the evening to cover it or give it to the wall, of course the best way is set inside the wardrobe in the bedroom, the mirror mirror when opened, at ordinary times the door closed when not in use. 9: bedside table should be above the bed, is beneficial to the wisdom of sleepers, and improve the quality of sleep. 10: bit on both sides of the head of a bed, and not be GuiJiao or kitchen, desk, dresser, easy to make people suffer from migraines. Leaf apex long plant, square or rectangle furniture cannot too near the bed.
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