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Bedding manufacturers said bed is tasted can help improve the quality of sleep - science and technology Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-12
Modern society people's pressure is more and more big, the sub-health state is the common fault of the many urban white-collar workers. In advocate a healthy diet at the same time, there are more people turned to the healthy sleep. After all one's life have too much time is spent in sleep. On the other hand, more and more people suffer from insomnia, symptoms or light or heavy, therefore, sleep health become the focus of the people to preserve one's health. Said to sleep health, of course, inseparable from the bedding, in today's focus on scientific and technological innovation, the functional bed is tasted gradually into the lives of consumers, market watches at the same time, also to everybody spinning enterprises brought new development opportunities. Spinning music home textile as the one of the high-tech achievements outstanding enterprises, has introduced a high content of science and technology of all kinds of bedding. Spinning of healthy and comfortable bed is tasted more help to improve the quality of people's sleep. Spinning le is home textiles industry in the first one of the focus on sleep health home textiles enterprises, self-developed fenner series, bed is tasted, the authoritative testing, 50 micrograms/ml bacteriostatic rate was 99. Equivalent to 9% per square nano silver content is 5. 56 mg, ensure high antibacterial rate. Fenner, belonging to inorganic materials, no drug resistance, non-toxic side effects, Mr Nano series bedding after 50 times of washing the bacteriostatic rate can reach more than 90%, still high-tech antibacterial technology integration in sleep in the bed is tasted, make people healthy sleep good partner, many consumers are now choose bedding with fenner's label. Spinning home textile actively try to through high-tech to improve sleep quality, tencel, wood fiber, soybean fiber, corn fiber and other new fiber used to be core, pillow core filling, good market response. The author has personally experience the spun silk home textiles day be, Xia Zhu, tencel is soft and comfortable, extremely close, although is the spring and autumn, but the warmth retention property is strong. Xia Zhu is silky smooth, use special comfortable in summer.
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