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Bedding manufacturers take you understand the characteristics of the latex mattress what are the advantages? - - - - - - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-11
On emulsion latex mattresses are actually kind of products for the production of raw materials into a new type of environmental health mattress, this kind of mattress now does not see more, relative to the common spring mattress, latex mattress is very highlight the advantages of performance, and these advantages characteristics mainly reflects in: 1, latex mattresses, select the natural latex from rubber tree are refined to the emulsion, which is not mixed any hand foam sponge. it is a 100% pure natural latex products, completely non-toxic environmental protection. 2, have a function to promote sleep, the head weights in average, at all levels, and to support the makes you sleep comfortably. 3, good permeability of convection air holes, and quickly send out heat, keep fresh and smooth. 4, have anti mite antibacterial, prevent allergy, and so on characteristics, latex itself has the effect of anti bacteria, dust, can prevent bacteria growth, but also to the skin nasal allergic diseases such as bronchitis and has certain preventive effect. 5 it is easy washing, latex mattress, do not provoke dust, fuzz easily by hand or machine wash ( The washing machine) As long as with fan after dehydration, or oven to dry, it will never shaped and keep clean forever. Is strictly prohibited in the sun insolates, in order to prevent the ultraviolet rays affect its service life. 6, do not contain toxic substances, latex, as raw materials for the advanced medical science, harmless to human body, do not contain toxic elements, even in the case of overheating or burning, also won't produce toxic substances.
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