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by:TONDA     2020-04-12
Nowadays, bedding has become another way to show personality among young people. As bed is more and more 'low', more and more wide, mattress around much wide side of the bed cover, bed frames, today's young people generally choose six times or seven times home textile. Large difference of different ages when choosing bed is tasted. All say 'thirty years ago, sleepy, to sleep' after thirty years, 56 FanHong, in order to have a good sleep quality, quite tall requirement to bedding. She besides sleeping want comfort, home and bed sheet, bedding bag, etc. , as long as the weather is good, three or four days will be off to clean. 'I would buy duvet, warmth retention property good, again is hygroscopic. 'FanHong introduced her to buy home textile experience. Duvet filler is goose down and duck down two main, its weight, much lighter than quilts, won't cause pressure on the human body, when using appropriate risk of high blood pressure, poor circulation. At the same time, for the elderly, home textile 4 times more practical, and it is best to choose cotton material, comfortable, soft and adsorption sweat. In terms of style, will choose literacy and easy color, simple style. Of course, pillow sleep quality assurance is one of the elements. According to understand, control in 9 centimeters general pillow height to be beautiful, equivalent to set up the height of the fist. Pillow core is available for the elderly in the buckwheat skin, such as tea instead. Loading to loose, so as to adjust the pillow sleep, improve sleep quality. Nowadays, bedding has become another way to show personality among young people. As bed is more and more 'low', more and more wide, mattress around much wide side of the bed cover, bed frames, today's young people generally choose six times or seven times home textiles. Miss Jane, 27, has just moved into a new home, is round looking and new wallpaper supplement of bedding. 'I think that young people like the color is gorgeous, the style of home textiles. 'Miss Jane said, generally according to decorate a style, buy a bedding suitably. Such as miss Jane belongs to modernism in the home, she wants to choose a black and white collocation, pure cool fashion, such a contrasting colour, bring strong visual impact and modern city. Miss Jane went on to say, in terms of the quilt, will choose to buy silk quilt. Although more expensive, but silk was padding is mulberry silk, its main composition is animal protein fiber, contains rich amino acids, beneficial to the elderly, pregnant women and children. At the same time, because of the silkworm can't touch any chemicals in the process of growth, so it is called 'green'. Children: safety is first selection, cartoon bed is the place that most children stay, health and safety is the most important of the parents to consider. Most parents will choose in the large department stores, supermarkets or store to buy children's bedding, home textiles and natural, soft cotton bed sheet is the best. At present, various material of quilt on the market is becoming more and more parents can choose according to children's physical, should also be according to season changes to choose different material, thickness of the quilt. Summer can choose light and breathable cool are or thin porous fibers, winters are can buy duck down, goose down quilt cover are suitable for children. In choosing a pillow to keep improving. The pillow is too hard head uncomfortable, too soft influence blood circulation, so soft hard moderate. Children sleeping at night to sweat, pillow hygroscopicity good, help to improve the quality of sleep. Guarantee under the premise of safety, meet the 'interest' of children and parents concern. Shop with all kinds of printed cartoon bedding. According to salesperson introduction, the mothers will be according to their children's taste, to purchase the corresponding cartoon bedding, let the children to lie on the bed can also have fun.
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