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by:TONDA     2020-04-13
Bedding is our most intimate partner, but the most intimate is likely to be hurt you the deepest. . . . . . you fall in love with them, every day to meet each other hug to each other ~ but but, dear you must not espcially, special love. For they, too, it is not necessary to 'hand, and son xielao'. Sometimes letting go is also a kind of perfect. Better to oneself, bedding will update. So how long to replace a? The service life of home textiles products list pillowcase: change frequency 1 ~ 2 weeks with pillow, quilt is very easy to sweat, saliva, dandruff, dust mites and waste cutin, so they all need to change in time and clear. Keep every 1 - pillowcase in general Change a 2 weeks. Dry, don't be air-dried oh ~ bedding bag: change frequency 2 weeks to 1 month bedding bag can adjust change frequency points and season. The winter temperature is lower, such as bacteria is not easy to grow, can clear once a month. But also with their joy, can wash work hander. If it is summer, sweating more, it is recommended that at least 2 weeks or so will change at a time. Towel, towel is used long life three months later will become dirty and hard, will seriously affect our health and comfort of the skin. Don't think you every day when washing a face in the clean towels, such as a matter of fact, in-depth fiber gap bacteria are difficult to be simple for the way you are. We need by cleaning, sun, high temperature cooking way to control the bacteria in the towel. But bacteria are indivisible, so suggest the bo jue should change new maojian tea oh about 3 months. Pillow core, pillow core use 1 ~ 2 years of life for a long time, slowly will be deformation, not the quality problem of the pillow core, each pillow core have this distress. After deformation, the head of the head and neck support will weaken. This is the first, second, the pillow core to our hair scalp grease, bacterium, allergic and respiratory diseases. Pillow core must bask in the hard-working, change of hard-working oh ~ the silk by core: five years of life are core is too thick, it is difficult to clean, so can become a hotbed of bacteria and mite bug to breed, so often should take out at core ted. Summer is in use process will also absorb more sweat, so to clean up before a year after use to receive, drying to completely dry line, generally 5 years by core will need to change. Mattress: life of 10 years or so than by core, the mattress is often ignored. Actually mattess need to make more, and the mattress use time is too long, often has the problems such as deformation, moist and healthy sleep are clean, comfortable bed is tasted, so regular maintenance. Replacement cycle for mattress, should according to their own physical condition and state of the mattress itself to decide. In general, the following is the need to consider factors: 1, mattress sag badly, or degree of hardness and softness in every region of the difference is very big. Obviously, this kind of circumstance of mattress spring has the damage, should change in time or take the warranty. There are a lot of stains 2, on the mattress. If at this point, the mattress has long using time, may be internal has spawned many bacteria, for the sake of your health, suggest or replace the new mattress. 3, mattresses use for more than 10 years. Since use longer, even if the spring without any problems, the inside of the packing will occur, aging, comfort will be affected by the relatively large. 4, body weight change is bigger, change the mattress to make the best able to support your body right. 5, often can't sleep at night, feel back pain, muscle weakness after waking up. In the case of exclusion of improper sleeping posture, is probably the mattress quality problems, then the mattress should be replaced.
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