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Bedding plants teach cream off your bed is tasted sweet dream - Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-08
Quilt first consider comfort spinning le home textiles market manager, told reporters that at present our country be products mainly include spraying collodion, hollow fiber ( Including four seven holes cotton, cotton, nine holes cotton) , cotton fiber, feather kinds such as cotton, camel hair, wool, silk, and various qualitative material quilt has its different features. 'Bed inside the humidity is also an important factor to affect sleep. 'My furniture market manager according to the sea, when sleeping, because of the sweat evaporates, bed humidity higher than 60%, often make the skin stimulation, affect sleep. The southern climate is damp, permeability is good quilt will give people comfort, had better choose silk by, seven holes were, etc. And in the dry and cold areas, good permeability is not suitable for the demands of environmental humidity, might as well build a quilt. If you think it too troublesome carefully selected, then the 'combination' is the most suitable for you. Like ikea sleep zone in warm quilt is enabled for logo, you can choose '1 + 3' warm quilt warm and warm January degrees 3 quilt combination together to buy, with buttons on two quilts, according to different season can be divided into can close with, is worthy of the name of the four seasons is.
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