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by:TONDA     2020-04-13
Housewarming daily update, got married, is that most people buy bedding, when buy, the average person is often consider whether this product is very not good-looking, also is the visual as the dominant, selective on color and style, after selected, then touching the material, as long as the overall sense, and a reasonable price will sell. The dragon home textiles sleep consultants suggest that consumers in the choose and buy bedding need pay attention to several aspects: first, should first consider the material, because the bedding and the human body is his skin, natural material and pure cotton is the most ideal material. Second, bedding to absorb sweat, breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer and comfortable and soft, can buy several sets to replace to use. Often clean, in line with the health, and prolong the life of bedding. Third, choose design and color and style. On bedding of design and color and style, can according to the change of seasons and personal hobbies create ever-changing visual effects. Although into the spring season, but for the cold feet, body cold, when you go to sleep at night, always feel the pillow not warm enough. At that time, choose the quilt, bed is tasted, such as bedding, keywords is comfortable and warm. Body cold, the bedroom with bed is tasted when had better choose warm color to move the bed is tasted, ascending warm degrees on the vision. Spinning home textiles sleep consultants, sincerely wish you to have a healthy and high quality sleep!
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