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by:TONDA     2020-04-13
Bedding manufacturer warns customer, when buying bedding, in addition to consider whether or not the product style and the style collocation of the bedroom, more should learn to distinguish the stand or fall of bedding! Buy some bedding once wash water was fading, shrink all its shape. More worse fabric composition, content, pH value is not qualified, can cause skin allergic diseases. And some people think it is good to buy cotton bedding! But also evaluate cotton, finally decided to bedding is the quality of cotton yarn count, density and work. There is a rigid standard can look! Is the European and American countries to develop environmental protection standards, ISO14001. By this standard bed is tasted can strictly guarantee the bedding of environmental protection. Yarn count is the standard of the thickness, the higher the yarn count, yarn is more thin, in this the thinner yarn weaving, cloth is relatively more soft and comfortable. Spinning home textiles Guo Jingli Suggestions, choose 40 s ( The yarn is 40) Over 40 s or bedding. Then there is the density of the fabric for bed is tasted, is one of the keys to quality! The greater the density higher manufacturing costs and technical requirements. 。 。 。 And pattern processing! Can the textile items or bedding roughly into three kinds of printing, embroidery and jacquard. Printing color is bright-coloured and lively, color fastness is the key, but environmental protection is a little poor. Embroidery product has good air permeability, hygroscopicity. Jacquard cost high, also the most complex technology, and the bed is tasted the softer, fine gloss, feel better, better quality and better permeability. Bedding manufacturer to remind you that meet these three points and then next time buy bedding, you can choose the more suitable for your product!
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