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by:TONDA     2020-04-14
Years, bending the waist of the parents, they fuck broken heart for family. Short sleep time, however, bed is tasted to the family made the bacteria, mites, dirt, and patients. Spinning le home textiles product design concept - — Adopts multi-layer composite method, improve the product's permeability and warmth, built-in nanometer carbon fiber layer. Nanometer carbon fiber with super in addition to odor, moisture absorption, heat preservation, antibacterial, antistatic, shielding electromagnetic radiation and other unique properties. The fiber has the advantages of far infrared function, release negative ions. Promote the metabolism of human body, especially for the male prostate have a preventive effect, care for the whole family health comfortable sleep. Negative oxygen ion - Activate cells, purify air, help to repair cells and organs, is very beneficial to human body health, skin care. Magnetic therapy - The body relax, relieve tension, reduce stress, a calming, sedative and sleeping. Nanometer carbon fiber - Effective antibacterial deodorant in addition to the peculiar smell, keep the bed is tasted fresh and clean, release the far infrared, help to deep sleep. FOOMO jie bacteria - Original antibacterial anti mite technology, persistent bactericidal, inhibit mite, clean of sleep.
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