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by:TONDA     2020-05-11
Cleaning and maintenance of bedding ( A) All kinds of fabrics products when washing and maintenance, should pay attention to the key point: 1, please do not use bleach when catharsis, do not use high temperature hot water, with warm water and cold water. 2, washing dark bed is tasted, the immersion time shoulds not be more than 10 minutes. Don't local washing, knead a large area, and do not mix with other light color fabric washing. 3, bedding should be washed clean, change garments according to the store in a dry place after dry. ( 2) Bedding before cleaning and maintenance should check the washing label of each product. 1, silk or silk fabrics products' Washing 】 Dry cleaning is the best way, such as indicated on the washing label can be washed, please join in the warm water in just the right amount of neutral soap or silk net with soap after melting, cooling water temperature, immersed in the product, gently rub to wash. Thoroughly washed, then roll in the towel, squeeze out excess water. Then along the fabric stitching screeding fabrics, hanging in the air to circulate and no direct sunlight place, this to preserve color brilliance of real silk fabrics is very necessary. 【 Storage 】 Custody of real silk fabrics is the first key is clean and dry. Because silk belongs to animal protein fiber, if you don't fully wash not clean and dry, easy to cause the bug eat by moth, yellowing or woven. If you are in place in the hygroscopic agent, so much the better. In addition, white silk product collection cannot put camphor ball or put camphorwood box, otherwise will be yellow. Can avoid color fastness good package for dark blue cloth, yellow. 2 cotton fabrics, cotton material products of strong alkali resistance, acid, high temperature resistance good, usable soap or other weak alkaline detergent for washing. Before washing, soaking in water for a few minutes, but shoulds not be too long, in order to avoid color were damaged. General washing temperature not to exceed 40 degrees, it is advisable to reverse washing: if there are any ornaments ornaments please get off after washing, avoid cotton fabrics with perspiration soaking with hot water, lest appear yellow sweat stain after each washing should be dry, to rinse again, in order to improve the washing efficiency. Should be opposite to dry in ventilation shade, cannot insolate, lest fade. Light color and brunet fabrics must pay attention to the stored separately to prevent shadow color, yellow. 3 product hardness of hemp, cotton fabrics, holding force is poor, when washing than cotton fabric, soft. 4, duvet 【 Use 】 ( 1) , when using, need to add a coat to protect, and interval 1 - 2 weeks to dry again. ( 2) And daily use, in the morning after getting up, keep the quilt paving fluffy. ( 3) Friction, avoid duvet and hard thing, in order to avoid torn, torn fabric caused feather spillover. 【 Cleaning 】 Duvet can generally clean, detailed in the washing label on the product. But cleaning is not recommended, because will be slightly lower lower down the volume, and the influence on the performance of the duvet medium-sized processing down-proof fabric, which may cause slight drilling pile. 【 Receive 】 Stored for a long time ago, need to air basks in 2 - first After 3 hours, to recover should pat surface dust, shake them up and down quilts, after being quilt bask in cold store in folding, storage place should be kept dry. 【 Polyester fibre is 】 Use neutral detergent or soap water washing. Clean with washing machine turn weak, hung out to dry. On a regular basis to get the sun drying.
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