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by:TONDA     2020-05-25
Textile accessories including bedroom wall cloth ( Now many for wallpaper) , carpet, curtain, sofa towel, bedding, etc. , variety, design and color is different. Some people see today buy a curtain, the curtain is good tomorrow to see the good antependium buy that cloth. To use in the home, but the disappointment, much less seen so beautiful in the shop, and even feels desultorily, boring. Why such a big contrast? The reason is that people when buying single textile ignored an important factor that the furniture colour and light, design, such as harmonious and unified relationship. To make color is harmonious and beautiful, must pay attention to the following three points. (1) main colors. Curtain, antependium, carpet, bedding, etc. , should be combined with furniture and wall colour, determine a mass-tone to move, make indoor overall color. Such as in blue ( Belong to cool color) Give priority to color, in the light blue, dark bluish grey, white, such as matching, in order to show elegance and quiet; With chocolate color, Warm color) Give priority to color, deserve to go up is to cream-colored color, coffee and other soft and pleasant. Color is the first impression that gives a person, to avoid color contrast too intense, too complex, prevent influence the unity of the whole. 2 the foil color. The foil effect to the mass-tone attune of color. In general, every room should have a fun center, which highlight the key of the room, let a person a room can be attracted to it. For example, the layout of the bedroom can bed as the center, the bed of textile decoration to bright, colorful; Can room sofa as the center, namely, sofa towel, tea table cloth and other textile accessories should be colorful gorgeous. The colour of gout center is the key of the room color, foil effect on all other colors only. Key colourful, foil color is not bright, and application of neutral color. (3) with color. Ornament on the effect that make the finishing point of color, often used for textile decoration area. When wall, curtain, carpet, quilt has been in the harmony of color, such as TV sets, pillow towel to choose bright-coloured and lively, more color. Such processing results is like a song, cadence, graceful melodious. But, the ornament can't use too much, otherwise the gild the lily, the opposite effect. In terms of general practice, the adornment such as curtain, wall cloth, carpet color should have its own characteristics. Walls should not be commonly use fresh colour, and appropriate USES shallow light, downy, colour slants cold, such as apple green, pink green, light blue color. These colour foils to enlarge a space, furniture. Small room wall cloth colour to answer to be united with furniture, it is advisable to taller lightness. The colour of the carpet with deep warm color advisable, such as deep bordeaux, deep coffee, deep red, etc. They can give a person the sense with showily grave composed. General appropriate USES room wall and furniture colour coordinate with each other and not too close to the color. Curtain such as double, the transparent layer of the appropriate color shallow, outer opaque colour should be deep. In addition, special circumstances can further processing, for example, have high blood pressure, heart disease, indoor is unfavorable use red, yellow sheet, tablecloth, curtain, etc. ; Poor eyesight is a best green decoration, in order to reduce eye fatigue; Appetite is bad, can be used red and orange cloth to stimulate the appetite. Generally said, the elderly or infirm room should use warm color attune of adornment, it can make people happy, strengthens metabolism function, beneficial to health of body and mind. Young room adornment appropriate USES cool color, it can make the room appears quiet and lively, pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, quietly elegant and comfortable. Children room decoration appropriate USES bright and rich bright-coloured colour, to adapt to the characteristics of the innocent and lively. In short, the bedroom of textile decoration color should be based on furniture, personality, sex, occupation, age and other factors to select, pay attention to the harmonious harmonious, beautiful and comfortable.
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