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by:TONDA     2020-05-19
Beware of silk by fishy, there are enterprises in the trademark labels only note '100% silk' is not enough, at the risk of fraud consumers, need to indicate the types of silk,, because national mandatory standards flocculant with fibre products common technical standards and other regulations should be clearly labeled be tire filler, the types of silk used is mulberry silk and tussah silk was. Some of the 'silk by the real components in the mulberry silk (by hand Wire) Or similar cotton short fibre, and wire tire surface to mulberry silk to disguise its spread; There are also some businessman to be completely sealed, make customer can't identify was material. Accordingly, when consumer is buying, should first see the trademark and instructions, choose a trusted brand; Second, must open the bedding bag zipper check, carefully identify the child within the length of the silk fibers, and pay attention to whether there is a pearly luster, feel with the hand again whether smooth smooth silk; Finally, should also consult the seller nursing knowledge, so that after the winter collection. Due to the selling price is higher, silk by some unscrupulous manufacturers, merchants will Angle under the silk material, waste silk broken after processing to make silk by, this process of 'short' impossible with the high quality silk by the filament, and pose a threat to human health, some simply to chemical fiber to counterfeit. Some manufacturer are included, the weight of fabric to make the actual content of the nominal and silk, manufacturers should take 'net content' clearly indicate the actual content of the filler. Purchaser, silk by consumer choose and buy, the first to see marks of products: name, standard, material, component and net content of filler, etc. , such as the content is not in conformity with the specification requirements, during which there must be some issue. Note: 1, as far as possible on the outside of the silk by cover on a duvet cover again. 2, don't run and jump on being, GunPa, elasticity and softness in keeping with the quilt. 3, drying in a well-ventilated environment, do not exposure. 4, store in a cool and dry place, not the heavy pressure. Maintain collections of knowledge: in order to better maintain silk by, increase its service life, after the past winter, prepare collection should be: 1, the first drying air drying, such as a quilt cool after folding collection. 2, do not place objects such as camphor ball was inside.
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