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by:TONDA     2020-04-10
Many consumers sometimes buy some cheaper in the market for bedding, sometimes new bed is tasted, built a night that smell is very big, then took advantage of the sunny water washing, drying, still have a lot of odor. This problem has been plagued by the consumer, how should solve? Actually very good solve this problem. First, the new bedding, 4 times should be washed and dried before use; Second, bed is tasted when catharsis, adopt appropriate washing liquid, to master the correct method, in order to remove bad smell; Third, it is suggested that in home textiles products when the choose and buy, bed is tasted, or clothes, if the pungent odor, should buy cautiously. The one from a piece of white cloth bed 4 blank to the finished product passes through multi-channel processes, such as printing and dyeing, cutting, custom, packing, etc. , in the process, at least after multiple machines and multiple hand touching, as a result, it might be carrying is not count of bacteria. Nowadays, due to the use of chemical dye, individual companies in the textile products in the process of taimei, residual formaldehyde smell will make the products. Its content is a matter of fact, there are clear provisions of the state standard, but there is no lack of some businesses in violation of regulations, the production of inferior of substandard products, adverse to the health of consumers. Here, of course, is not to say that the high quality bedding was completely there is no smell, only brand of home textiles production process will be in strict accordance with the national standard production, therefore, the smell will be small, almost can't smell. Violet home textile in recent years has also invested a lot of manpower and financial resources in the research and development of new products, new products aimed at the problem of human sleep health have antibacterial anti mite, bacteriostatic beauty sleep efficacy, etc. For human health is sleep. So how do new bedding four cleaning? Pour into a moderate amount of alkaline detergent in warm water dissolved and then washed by hand or machine. At the same time, 4 times had better not mixed with the other clothes to wash, lest cause cross staining. Here, of course, it is worth mentioning, pure cotton material has slight fading belongs to the normal phenomenon, if serious fade, that may belong to quality problem. For other bedding, easy cleaning, such as core, pillow core, small make up recommend best can dry in the sun, or spread out some smell in ventilated place, it is more comfortable to use.
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