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by:TONDA     2020-05-22
Silk is generally not recommended for direct exposure in the sun, is only suitable for dry in ventilated place. And the time should be around 2 hours. Because of the summer sun is too big, and drying time should be shorter. Winter can be appropriately extended. Often hang silk quilt is good. For silk by air is basked in, there are two views: 1, the seller, the seller because some non-professional silk exposed under the sunlight for a long time, due to silk composition of 97% protein, can result in component fracture and metamorphism. So they suggest that consumers use them, the wind but not sunshine to maintenance silk by. In fact this is not accurate. 2, southern jiangsu, some in the north of the traditional silk by the production and use of region, typically like the best time in the sun like to direct drying silk by noon. Because silk after exposure to the sun have a faint fragrance, and with pat can restore fleeciness feeling. Bask in the quilt biggest role can sterilization, dehumidification, is the silk by maintaining the original warmth retention property. Conclusion: silk quilt can bask in, also must bask in, if the fabric is cotton cloth, can direct sun, sun 2 times a month the most appropriate, Dry climate can be changed to 1 second, humid climate can be 2 - 3) , 2 - every time 3 hours, can choose before, during and after the 10 o 'clock in the morning or before and after 3 PM. The sun is not very hot, or not will make no difference to silk. If there is no condition, continuous rainy days, can be placed in ventilated place to hang a few hours, also has certain effect.
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