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Children bed full disclosure - the choose and buy Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-05-13
A warm prompt for children, the choose and buy the choose and buy of the bed, can choose according to personal likes and economic ability, but is must pay attention to some factors. 1. Safe first, children bed to avoid the emergence of edges and corners, edges to adopt arc edge, avoid cracking wounded touch. Second, the bed should have guardrails, solid but also have a certain height, in case the children sleep in the bed from falling to falls. Third, check whether the joint of the bed is firm, especially has the casing outside the metal bed, screw loose easily. 2. Material of the environmental protection first, environmental protection log is an ideal material to make children furniture, paint had better choose environmental protection water-based paint. Second, do not recommend the use of colorful coating, color coating contains large amounts of lead, is likely to lead paint color furniture. Paint color is bright-coloured, the more its contain heavy metals such as lead. Third, there is no absolute zero - formaldehyde furniture, suggest children bed buy home still need to put on hold after a period of time, the formaldehyde evaporate let furniture to use again. Second, according to the growth stage of choose and buy 1. 0 - 4 year olds stage characteristics of choose and buy: baby during this period, the skin delicate and tender, so in the design of the crib, must pay attention to the details of it, fully considering the physiological characteristics of the baby. There is enough space and bed can play in the above, lest the child turn will fall down. Ideal small wooden bed, both strong and moderate. Natural material, environmental protection technology design, hand in hand through wear-resisting processing, environmental protection paint processing. 2. 4 - 8-year-old children stage characteristics of choose and buy: grew up as a result of this phase of the baby grow quickly, so the choose and buy a can change children's bed is necessary, it can be a combination and slide the elevated children bed, can also be a take to climb up and down children bed, desk, cabinet and can be combined into L, a type of suit furniture. 3. 8 - 12 young stage characteristics of choose and buy: for the child of this phase is not so active, they need a separate living space. Will be the focus of the functionality and practicality as a bed of choose and buy, can choose the combined bed with bookshelf learning table, colorful, full of tong qu, children room has a very strong ownership feeling, on children and children bed can also have a variety of choice, can choose according to the area of the bedroom. Third, according to the gender differences of choose and buy one. Boy collocation points: reasonable receive + space capacious and a naughty boy, often make the room is a mess, with a quick and convenient to receive bed is especially important. Can choose the bed of a bed have receive ark, or is below the desk and receive ark, which have spacious space above the bed. So the design of the be clear at a glance, can clearly tell a child how to pick up your items. 2. Girl tie-in points: colour + sweet adornment ornament girl room design mainly with quiet, gentle as the theme. To make girls dream princess bed, let a room everywhere permeated with the taste of sweet, with a tender pink, lavender and other warm color as the main tonal choose bed is tasted good. Cartoon animal or flower design can become the theme of the children bed, with a delicate cloth, gauze shade draperies, to childlike innocence and romantic reflect incisively and vividly. Four, according to the functional configuration of choose and buy one. Use a space stereo if baby bed room is not big, in order to give baby more play space, make full use of space of the bunk bed is also a good choice. Upper lower for the baby to sleep, can become baby's entertainment, also can pile up all kinds of toys, convenient old man or a nanny to take care of the baby. But for age small, is not honest kid, bunk bed seems to have a dangerous, mommy can choose to install guardrail, needed for the baby to install a, next to the shade. 2. Toys with babies receive a function of bed clothes are very much, so, when buying, should notice to receive a function, configuration children bed with drawers, cabinets, in the bed is a good idea. Can receive the clothes inside can put a few small toys, can also be some bedding and will not be used in the inside, to reduce the clutter in the house. 3. Can be combined freely bed baby like change, so that can adapt to different growth period of baby, compose a myriad of different layout of bed is also a good choice. A basic bed can become elevated bed, fluctuation bed, L bed, one glyph combination, also can change back to the same. At the same time, the bed and slides, desk, wardrobe, bookshelf, also can undertake various combinations, such as change change! To an imagination baby!
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