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Children do not fade is not necessarily a good thing - home textile products Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-24
Children's home textiles products besides color elements, answer to the question of the fading parents also must be more careful. Purchase some low-end brand products, especially if the businessman assurances, never fade, it is not necessarily a good thing. Little imagine, how to wash the dye will not fade, the harm of children may be more big. Bad printing, material and so on will cause potential harm to the child. As has been the world health organization determined to be carcinogenic and deformed material of formaldehyde. It is a colorless gas and has strong excitant odour, and manufacturers in order to keep the durability of printing and dyeing and improve the formaldehyde is added in the auxiliary handle such demand. So, facing the open the packaging is faulty goods, parents must choose carefully. In general, formaldehyde is soluble in water, wash with water can remove most of the formaldehyde. And toxicity of decomposable aromatic amine is stronger, from product appearance cannot distinguish, can only be found by technical inspection, and cannot be eliminated, this kind of fuel is human exposure when easy to cause a variety of malignant diseases, even cancer. Azo dye is a kind of dye has been disabled, due to the wash not to drop, pathological changes and induced cancer can cause the human body. But still there will be some bad manufacturers secretly in use. So, whether the mother buy items is dark or light color, had better wash one or two times first, to wash away the excess floating color. And carcinogenicity and can cause damage to the hormonal system of human body, cause damage to children's reproductive system development of plasticizer, also involve in printing process. In general, the fabric after finishing the finishing technology, with very low content of plasticizer, little harm to the human body. But many manufacturers in order to improve the handle, or reduce pattern cooking drying time, to keep lasting, bright dosage is 40% ~ 50%. The reporter understands in the interview, some assorted not provides consumers with products inspection report. Industry insiders said this analysis: first-line brand will issue the test report, but consider the cost, some small business is not to the relevant detection department, lead to products harmful material exceeds bid, so consumer is in when choosing, whether online or go to store to buy, should pay attention to whether there is test report, so as to guarantee to buy home textiles product quality is qualified. Actually first-line brand goods, but also the discount is not as expensive as you imagine, sometimes even cheaper. Believe if mothers willing to take the time to go to, must be able to buy the price is not high quality home textile products.
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