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by:TONDA     2020-04-24
Children are the apple of her parents' eye, now the child is their entire spoil all rolled into one. In daily life, whether to sleep or to play, the bed is the place that most children stay, on the premise of guarantee health, meet the be fond of of children's sense of touch, vision is likely to be the parents pay more attention to. Spinning home textiles survey: children usually cotton, silk bedding is the most popular. From children's aesthetic orientation, soft and bright colors and walking in children of the world's fashion will be the children's favorite cartoon design. Once mastered the taste of the babies, choose their favorite bedding is not too difficult. So just as a parent you should how to choose? Together with spinning le home textiles brands and see it! To conform to the children's personality in general, from subjective perspective, parents tend to believe that their kids don't have a oneself to choose their own like the ability of the household articles for use, so wishful thinking is done advocate for children. In fact, if the children have their own aesthetic standards, can make his own choices. If need parents to do, also should choose to conform to the child's age, gender, character design and color, style, or parents may be because I don't like children decorate the bed and refuse to darling to sleep. First is soft hard moderate, too hard head uncomfortable, too soft influence blood circulates and cause trichomadesis. Children's activity level, metabolism speed, so keep children sleeping at night the permeability of the head, beneficial to the growth of children's intelligence, this requires that the permeability of the pillow is good. At the same time, the children sleeping at night to sweat, this requires a pillow hygroscopicity good, otherwise the head moisture will affect morpheus quality. Sheet sheet is the most intimate contact with children, so natural, soft cotton bed sheet is the best. If there is a young baby home, parents might as well prepare a few more cotton sheets, and to facilitate cleaning, quick dry, do not need ironing. Easy if the sheets with the kid's turn, twist and get into a mess, you can buy a size larger sheets after the four corners knot under the bed. Quilt at present, the quilt of various materials on the market more and more, in choosing a quilt for children should pay attention to distinguish, like duvets, silk quilt, fibre is, etc. Parents not only need to choose according to children's physique, also should choose different materials according to the change of seasons, the thickness of the quilt. Summer can choose light and breathable cool are or thin porous fibers, winters are can buy duck down, goose down quilt cover are suitable for children. In addition, is considered to be the 'most green' silk quilt is also an excellent choice to buy baby quilt.
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