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by:TONDA     2020-04-04
Spinning home textile small make up recommend, select children home textile products, the preferred cotton products. Children are the most suitable materials and home textiles products, plain coloured cotton. When you buy home textile products, the more the more natural pure cotton products, the better for your health. In addition, a lot of cloth to flat need, the use of formaldehyde in processing, if use overly processed product, will cause pollution to the room. When consumer is buying, can smell it, if the product sends out a pungent odor, might have formaldehyde residue. When choosing color, had better choose light color products, so that formaldehyde exceeds bid, color fastness, substandard risk. In addition, all sorts of material on the market nowadays more and more quilt, parents can choose according to children's physical, should also be according to season change to choose different material and thickness of the quilt. Summer can choose light and breathable cool are or thin porous fibers, winters are can buy duck down, goose down quilt cover are suitable for children. In choosing a pillow to keep improving. The pillow is too hard head uncomfortable, too soft influence blood circulation, so soft hard moderate. Children sleeping at night to sweat, pillow hygroscopicity good, help to improve the quality of sleep. factory remind you buy home textile products, to look for the packing of the products. Make clear instructions on the use of the normal product: manufacturer's name and address, product name, specifications, the raw material, the composition and content of the washing methods, standards, quality grade, quality qualification certificate, etc, and specifications, the composition and content of raw material, washing methods durability tags must be used. Children's home textile best choice in terms of material made of pure cotton, and the most healthy should be a light color, plain coloured cotton. Pure cotton home textiles Chinese supreme comfort in other fabrics, and the material is suitable for use all year round. Although many parents like to choose colorful fabric to the child, but I still suggest to use plain coloured, light color fabric. This fabric will not have too much formaldehyde and residual dye, for children, and more safety and health. And light color fastens home textile is not likely to cause strong visual conflict, to protect children's eyesight. On the other hand, parents might as well close when buying bedding fabrics smell, if the bed is tasted sends out a pungent odor, formaldehyde residue has been very serious, the home textile consumers not to buy, please.
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