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by:TONDA     2020-05-23
Bedroom textile decoration supplies wide variety, so many people when buying single textile ignored an important factor, namely the coordination problem. To make a vestee harmonious and beautiful, we must pay attention to the following three aspects. First, the mass-tone attune. Use of curtain, wall cloth, carpet, bedding, a few large area such as adornment, furniture colour and determine a mass-tone attune. Color is the first impression that gives a person, to avoid color contrast too intense and complex, prevent influence the unity of the whole. Based on a color, other colors must obey the dominant color. Second, the foil color. Plays a role of foil is the mass-tone attune of color. In general should be a fun center in every room, that is to say, highlight the key of the room, let a person enter your room can be attracted to it. Such as the layout of the bedroom can bed as the center, or the bed textile decoration supplies can be bright and colorful; Can room sofa as the center, namely, sofa cover, the colour of tea table cloth and other textiles decorations can rich gorgeous. Three, the ornament color. Ornament on the effect that make the finishing point of color, often used in a small area of the textiles decorations. When wall cloth, curtain, carpet, etc have been in a harmony of color, is the TV set, pillow towel, can choose bright, lively, and the more strong colors. The effectiveness of the approach is like a beautiful both high and low sounds like music, but with color can't use too much, one or two. In terms of general practice, curtain, wall cloth, carpet and so on several big textile decoration on colour has its own characteristics. Wall cloth should not be commonly use bright-coloured colour, and appropriate chooses shallow light, soft and slants cold hue. Such as apple green, pink green, light blue color.
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