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Choose six note - of home textile products Tonda home textiles co. , LTD

by:TONDA     2020-04-04
Sweet hint 1 when consumer is buying home textile products, first of all, to the formal shopping centers, shopping malls or brand shop to buy, so that we can avoid more shrink and decoloring, counterfeiting and other quality problems. 2 when choosing products should be carefully pay attention to the trademarks, product name, name on the sign site, specification, use the material composition, grade, net weight, etc. According to gb regulation, textile products are divided into A, B, C three categories, infant textile products must conform to A class; Direct contact with the skin of the products should comply with the class B, at least not direct contact with the skin products should comply with the class C, at least a qualified product, marked on the label should indicate the product category. Also should pay attention to the choice of three fabrics. Try to choose smooth uniform, fine texture, printing clear, rich luster, uniform flat sewing fabrics. Contact with the body of bed is tasted as far as possible choose pure cotton material. Pure cotton material is qualitative soft, is advantageous to the sweat glands 'breathing' and body health. 4 dye problems cannot be ignored. When the choose and buy, can smell '', if the product sends out a stimulating smell, it is best not to buy. Points, from the design process, in general, bed is tasted can be roughly divided into printing, embroidery and jacquard three categories. The choose and buy home textile products in general, light color fastens, small design safer. 5 home textile products containing formaldehyde soluble in water, wash with water can remove part of formaldehyde. However, decomposable aromatic amine insoluble in water, colorless, tasteless, can't distinguish from the appearance, and cannot be eliminated. Generally speaking, red, purple and dark textiles contains decomposable aromatic amine dyes the possibility of more, to be on the safe side, I can try to choose light color products. If there are children at home, had better choose light pink and light blue products, try to choose plain coloured or design the products, so the risk of formaldehyde, color fastness to overweight is relatively small. But also should note that light color fastens is also likely to PH value, so, just bought home textile products must clean the home. 6 density is too thin, home textiles products have off color, discoloration, or coarsely, mostly belong to the inferior product, do not buy as far as possible.
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